Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Final day of the JVTC 2012

Yes, we have made it through to the end of an epic January Virtual Team Challenge. We have had high's and low's but mainly its all been about the metres.

In 31 days we have clocked up an amazing 6,200,000 metres as a team.

Well done to all team mates who participated in this event.

JVTC 2012 Day 31 = 44 team mates = 19/330 teams = 6,198,583 metres = top 6%

1Christiane Racette-WhiteF45536,000
2Andy SoyringM52430,257
3Richard ConradM51411,955
4Todor PetrovM44346,681
5David JuntaM44281,403
6Daniel DonohueM53256,900
7Michael DenomyM47210,603
8Matthew BrewsterM40200,185
9Teodora PetrovaF39194,126
10keith lewisM46193,165
11Phil VenablesM64187,173
12John GilesM50178,038
13Caroline JoynsonF39176,577
14Pieter GoesM35170,000
15David GriffithsM51155,672
16Mark BowerM34155,608
17Richard YoungM34150,801
18joseph codaM43144,787
19Anne ConradF53140,907
20Joe DonarM28129,809
21Jean CurranF58124,500
22Edward JacksonM58119,000
23Bill DurnilM47111,877
24Susan LezotteF49111,394
25Mike SchnellM38110,704
26Derek KymeM50106,375
27Ian CleggM53104,861
28Gary McCormackM4498,355
29Bill St.LouisM5385,839
30Simon ColemanM4583,407
31Jacqui LewisF4577,672
32Jim MoldenhauerM5569,062
33Tim WilliamsM4168,434
34John BettsM6465,350
35hector m guerrero villaM4955,115
36Alan ToltzisM5737,841
37Andreas EnglertM1933,110
38Peter YeelesM4427,398
39David BassM4424,693
40Matthew SmithM3419,083
41Bryon RankinM3513,866
42Sven SimonM480
43Andrew HewittM330
44Jane WongF410