Thursday, 29 September 2011

September CTC and Challenge Series

There's only a few days left to contribute to the September Cross Team Challenge and the individual Challenge Series 2012.

September CTC
30 minutes with 5 minutes rest

Challenge Series 2012 - September Event
4 minute O'Neill test


  1. Ric and I are going to have another go at the O'Neill tomorrow, it *almost* fits in with our plan.

  2. In the vain that a square peg "*almost* fits in" to a round hole!

  3. I managed to do the O'Neill today after a week of man-flu I did 1172m which at least gets me on the board for the challenge series. I feel like crap now!
    I have also entered for the BIRC next year.
    Keep up the good work everyone.

  4. Excellent stuff on the Challenge Series gents.
    As for the BIRC we have Ric, Chris, Del, Caroline and Mark(?) see you there!

  5. I think that the CTC may have been the hardest rowing I've ever done. The 5 minute rest break was "worth" about 250 metres to me compared to rowing the 30 minutes straight - the difference between my initial time and the one I put in today.

  6. David - that was a true stormer of a row! Nice work there. I probably agree with you on the 'hard row' bit, my last CTC event was one of the hardest rows I have done aside from competition 2k's.