Saturday, 3 September 2011

Heavyweight rowers kick off the Sept CTC

Five heavyweight rowers have rowed the September Cross Team Challenge in the first two days of the competition.
Excellent work guys - How did you break down your intervals?

5Empty the Tanks I8379.3m
Mark Bower (H) 8394m
Eddie Ventress (H) 8379m
Richard Young (H) 8365m

11Empty the Tanks II7745m
John Giles (H) 7933m
edward jackson (H) 7557m


  1. Ric and I did 2x15 and suffered for it! Almost stopped with 9 to go in the second, but started back up and finished quite strong after that. Thinking of doing 6x5 next.

  2. Chris and I both did 2x15 with 5 mins rest and it was hard work. I felt worse in the second interval about 5 minutes into the set, but perked up afterwards. Might try this one again next week. Or I might find out how your 6x5's goes... I think that one will be hard too - There is no escape from the pain aaaahhhhh!!

  3. Reckon i did the worst interval tactic ever.
    Row 16 rest 2.5, row 10 rest 2.5 then row 4. The 10 stage was probably the worst i ever felt whilst rowing. Will give the 2x15 a try soon. What ever way you break it down i find it very difficult starting up again after short breaks.
    Never done any interval training so am searching for some tips.

  4. Hi Eddie I always feel like that after starting the next interval session.
    I have found doing rolling starts helps (when allowed).
    I start pulling slowly about 30 seconds / a minute before the start of the next interval to ease myself into the next session. I find this stops that awful shock to the system when you have to row balls out for the next interval.

  5. I tried 15 row, 3 rest, 10 row, 2 rest, 5 row.

    Struggled to get going on the second interval after a 3 minute rest and I reckon it might be better to try for shorter but more frequest recoveries - can't be any harder can it?! I think I'll try Mark's suggestion of 6x5 with 1 min rest for the next attempt.

  6. There's always the 30' followed by 5' rest... Even posted as a suggestion on the challenge bumpf... Just a thought if you struggle with the stop/start piece.