Friday, 23 September 2011

FTC11 Day 9

We are holding on to a top ten slot for the ninth day in a row and have collectively rowed an average of 200k each day.

We are still second place in the 21-50 virtual team category with the Ancients team in first place. Although the Ancients have half the amount of team mates they have rowed twice as many metres as us. It seems the average age of the Ancients team is 67, so I am guessing they may have extra time on their hands for rowing during the day whilst the majority of ETT'ers are at work.

Day 9 = 45 team mates = 10/275 teams = 1,897,072 metres = top 4%

Have fun this weekend (when you're not stuck to the erg).

I have been enjoying watching The Great British Bake off during rowing sessions recently, but I always end up feeling very hungry at the end of my session...

Does anybody else watch TV / DVD's during work-outs?
What is a good motivational program or film?

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