Sunday, 18 September 2011

FTC11 Day 4

Wahoooo we have jumped up to 8th position today which is fantastic. This places Empty the Tanks in the top 3.5% (lets round that number up to 3%).
Brilliant work people.

Day 4 = 39 team mates = 8/225 teams = 847,558 metres = top 3%

Notable individual contributions come from:
  • Bill has entered over 85k and is the team leader today - well done!
  • Darren has pulled in 17k each day in the first few days
  • John F has rowed 15k each day so far
  • Karri is the top performing female in the team with over 50k
  • Ian has almost rowed a half marathon today to pull himself up into the top 5
  • Hector uploaded 25k yesterday - did you row that distance in one go? Great stuff!
  • Mark managed to put in 15k today after rowing on water with Newark Rowing Club in the morning - that's dedication!
  • Joe D has burned some energy with an 18k row since yesterday
A big thank you to all team mates for your contributions. Every metre counts. Let's keep 8th position for another day then surge for 7th place next week.

Congratulations to Del and his Bristol Dragon Boat crew who claimed 2nd place in the Great River Race on the Thames yesterday. 21 miles of challenging waters with a head-wind and rain to contend with, not to mention the 330 other boats on the river too. Excellent work Del!


  1. Hi Caroline. I didn't almost do a half marathon on Sunday. We were away at a party at a hotel on Saturday so I did 10k when we got there while my wife was in the spa and another 10k on Sunday morning while I watched the 2nd half of the rugby. I missed my session this morning but will try to sneak in a few metres this evening.

  2. Ian it doesn't matter how the metres are rowed Ian as long as they keep coming. Great work on the creative use of time. I like to catch up on the news on a work night whilst on the C2 and at the weekends its all about loud and cheesy music.

  3. Set the drag factor at 140 and felt pretty good.

    Had a go at the CTC this evening and copied Casey Clarke's session off his blog.

    Hope this wont bore you.Improved my distance by 181m

    Over all 8622m 1.44.3 @ 28
    4.00 1155 1.43.8 @ 28
    Rest 25s
    3.50 1106 1.43.9 @ 28
    Rest 30s
    3.40 1056 1.44.1 @ 28
    Rest 30s
    3.20 961 1.44.0 @ 29
    Rest 35s
    3.10 913 1.44.0 @ 29
    Rest 35s
    2.50 812 1.44.6 @ 29
    Rest 40s
    2.40 749 1.46.8 @ 29
    Rest 50s
    2.20 671 1.44.3 @ 30
    Rest 35s
    2.10 621 1.44.6 @ 29
    Rest 20s
    2.00 574 1.44.5 @ 30

    Not bad for an old un' eh Thats it for me on this months CTC though bloody knackered.

    Eddie V