Friday, 30 September 2011

FTC11 Day 16

At the half way point of the FTC we are in 12th position. Its going to take a heroic team effort to shift UK Rowers in 11th and Ancients in 10th off their spots so we can claim a top ten place.

Day 16 = 45 team mates = 12/303 teams = 3,338,465 metres = top 4%

Here are the individual statistics:
  • Bill and Karri are the King and Queen of the team and have rowed over 200k
  • Andy S, Darren and David J have rowed over 150k
  • The rest of the 100k club are; Hector, Eddie, John F, Del, Mark, Ric, Pieter and Ian
  • The nearly 100k club are; Phil, Caroline, John G, John D and Steven
  • 50k and more from Andy H, Joe D, David B, Jean, Mike, Edward and Joe
  • 20k and more from Karine, John B, Kevin, Simon, Duncan, Karen, Peter and Chris
  • 2k upwards from Jim, Chris G, Matt, Wayne, June, Yee-Ann, Byron and Richard

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