Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Last day of August CTC

We have had a brilliant Cross Team Challenge - the highest participated event since we began in May 2009 with 23 team mates rowing the 10,549 metres.
Well done to everybody who took part.

Monday, 29 August 2011

September CTC

The September Cross Team Challenge has been chosen by Paddy Power it is an interesting interval row.

30 minutes with 5 minutes rest in total
You can choose how to split the rest intervals.
A number of interval combinations have been suggested:
  • 2 x 15 mins 5 mins rest
  • 6 x 5 mins 1 min rests
  • 15 mins 3 mins rest, 10 mins 2 mins rest, five mins
  • 30 mins 5 mins rest
Standing start for first interval, other intervals as you please. Please record the distance rowed during the 30 minute work intervals.

How are you going to split your intervals?

Caroline - I think my first attempt will be 2 x 15 minutes with 5 minutes rest

Challenge Series 2012

Get ready for the 2012 Challenge Series which starts on the 1st September 2011. It is part of the C2 motivational program and they set a different row each month from September - May. There are bonus challenges in June/July and August.
Unlike the Cross Team Challenge this is an individual event and you have the chance to win prizes throughout the year. If you complete all nine events Concept 2 will send you a free t-shirt to celebrate your achievements.

C2 have not yet published the details of 2012 challenges but as soon as I find out I will post the details.To register go to this link:

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Dog Days of Summer Challenge 2011

Quite a few team mates rose to the four week Dog Days of Summer challenge.
To obtain a certificate and get your name on the honour board you had to row the following distances during the month of August:

Week 1 20k
Week 2 30k
Week 3 40k
Week 4 50k

Andy set the tempo high with an impressive 220k+ distance. Eddie and Hector were close behind and nearly reached 200k and Caroline and Joe pulled in 150k+.
Great work people. There may be a few more team mates who have met the challenge but haven't uploaded their metres yet. If there are any changes to the honour board I will update the blog.

Eddie Ventress180375
Andy Soyring226195
Caroline Joynson154257
hector m guerrero villa172465
Joe Donar152331

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Two team mates needed for boat five

We still need two team mates to float boat five into the points rankings.
Calling out for any heavyweight, lightweight or female rowers who haven't already rowed to get stuck in!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

23 members row 10,549 CTC

Its official, August's Cross Team Challenge chosen by ETT has had the best participation from the team, ever.
Congratulations to Jean who has put in a sterling row today to seal our success because she was the 23rd Empty the Tanks team mate to have rowed 10,549 metres.

In the next eleven days let's hope we can get one heavyweight, one lightweight or one female rower to float boat five into the points rankings.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Boat four floated in August CTC

Phil has rowed his longest ever distance (in one sitting) for the August Cross Team Challenge and did it in style by floating boat four into the points rankings. Nice one Phil!

I forgot to mention in my last CTC update that Ric has gone sub 40 - great stuff!
Chris V has shaved nearly a minute off his last row.
Joe and David J have also improved their times and have added a couple of extra points to boat two.

This months participation in the CTC is currently on a par with our best ever participation rate of 22 members competing and four boats floated previously achieved in June. A massive thank you to everybody who has taken part.

Can we get five boats in the rankings this month?

Current standings are as follows:

17 pts
Empty the Tanks I 42:08.8
Mark Bower (H) 38:21.0
Eddie Ventress (H) 39:06.7
Richard Young (H) 39:41.8
Mick LeTourneaux (L) 42:33.3
Yee-Ann Cho (F) 51:01.4

8 pts
Empty the Tanks II 43:57.3
Joe Donar (H) 40:28.0
David Junta (H) 41:05.3
John Giles (H) 41:40.0
Chris Venables (L) 43:17.7
Caroline Joynson (F) 51:53.0

4 pts
Empty the Tanks III 44:47.7
Matthew Smith (H) 41:46.2
Andy Soyring (H) 41:58.5
hector m guerrero villa (H) 42:05.1
Chris Benson (L) 45:33.1
Karen Venables (F) 52:36.0

1 pt
Empty the Tanks IV 48:05.6
Andrew Hewitt (H) 42:31.3
Ian Clegg (H) 42:43.9
edward jackson (H) 43:26.0
Phil Venables (L) 59:02.1
Becky Walker (F) 52:44.8

51Empty the Tanks V47:46.0
Jim Moldenhauer (H) 46:47.2
John Fewtrell (H) 48:44.9

Thursday, 18 August 2011

European Indoor Rowing Championships 2012

The date for the European Indoor Rowing Championships has been announced and its on the same day AND at the same venue as the British Indoor Rowing Championships in Nottingham on 25th March 2012.

Bit of a bonus - it looks like any Empty the Tanks team mates attending the BIRC will also be at the EIRC as well! Not sure if they are going with the BIRC 5 year age categories or the EIRC 10 year categories yet (or both). I'll post the information as soon as I find out. I also hope we don't have to row twice in one day - that will hurt.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

CTC Boat four nearly in the points rankings

A big Empty the Tanks thanks goes out to Becky W who has rowed the August ETT CTC 10,549 metres in 52:44.8 minutes. Excellent work Becky! She is in good company and has joined Edward J, Ian C and Andy H in boat four - we just need a lightweight rower in boat four to get it into the points rankings.

This means we are even closer to achieving our best ever participation in the Cross Team Challenge. Check out the table below that shows over the past four months we have had our highest levels of team participation and number of boats floated since we started competing in the CTC back in May 2009!

Gold = best performance to date
Silver = second best performance to date
Bronze = third best performance to date

Month Team event selector Event Boats Floated Team mates

Aug-11 Empty the Tanks 10,549m 3 21
Jul-11 DLC Bromsgrove 20 x 45 secs 15 secs rest 3 17
Jun-11 Independents 5k r24 4 22
May-11 Sub 7 1k 4 20
Apr-11 Free Spirits 3 x 1k 4 mins rest 1 6
Mar-11 AIRC 4 reps up to 4000m 1 6
Feb-11 C2TweetCrew 1800 sec 1 9
Jan-11 Taff Attack 2 mins 1 9
Dec-10 Rote87 10 x 300 2 mins rest 0 2
Nov-10 RowPro 2 x 20 mins 5 mins rest 1 6
Oct-10 Age Without Limits 100 < 900 > 100 pyramid 0 4
Sep-10 MAD Team 10 x 1 mins 1 mins rest 1 6
Aug-10 Team Oarsome 3 x 1k 2 mins rest 1 7
Jul-10 Eh! Team 2k 1 7
Jun-10 Forum Flyers 5 x 5 mins 2 mins rest 1 8
May-10 E.R.G Team 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 1 7
Apr-10 Sub 7 7 minutes 1 6
Mar-10 Million Metre Vikings 2962m 1 6
Feb-10 Banana Boat 1 min 2 12
Jan-10 Forum vote 1k 2 13
Dec-09 Empty the Tanks 5k r25 3 15
Nov-09 Forum Vote 400m 2 11
Oct-09 Free Spirits 10k 2 11
Sep-09 Forum vote 1609m 1 6
Aug-09 Forum vote 3k, 2k, 1k 2 11
Jul-09 Team AEGON 250, 500, 750, 500, 250 1 8
Jun-09 Scotland the Wave 1344m 2 10
May-09 Forum vote 5k 0 6

Monday, 15 August 2011

Three boats floated in the August CTC

Wahoooo Karen V has rowed the Empty the Tanks August Cross Team Challenge which means boat three is now floated in the points rankings. Nice one Karen V!
Out of 19 team mates, the majority have been crazy enough to have rowed 10,549 metres more than once (highlighted in red).

13 pts
Empty the Tanks I 42:08.8
Mark Bower (H) 38:21.0
Eddie Ventress (H) 39:06.7
Richard Young (H) 39:41.8
Mick LeTourneaux (L) 42:33.3
Yee-Ann Cho (F) 51:04.1

5 pts
Empty the Tanks II 44:17.2
David Junta (H) 41:26.6
John Giles (H) 41:40.0
Matthew Smith (H) 41:46.2
Chris Venables (L) 44:40.6
Caroline Joynson (F) 51:53.0

3 pts
Empty the Tanks III 44:49.8
Joe Donar (H) 41:56.3
Andy Soyring (H) 41:58.5
hector m guerrero villa (H) 42:05.1
Chris Benson (L) 45:33.1
Karen Venables (F) 52:36.0

33Empty the Tanks IV42:53.7
Andrew Hewitt (H) 42:31.3
Ian Clegg (H) 42:43.9
edward jackson (H) 43:26.0

44Empty the Tanks V46:47.2
Jim Moldenhauer (H) 46:47.2

Saturday, 13 August 2011

A month until FTC 2011 and a new team mate

The Fall Team Challenge starts on Thursday 15th September until Saturday 15th October 2011. If you have not already taken part in a team challenge, the idea is to collectively row as many metres as possible through the duration of the challenge competing against teams from around the world.
Traditionally this has been a great competition for Empty the Tanks - we got our highest ranking in the 2010 challenge with a top ten placing out of 280 world-wide teams.

Thirteen team mates have already signed up for the FTC, including a new team mate Bill, 52 from USA. Welcome to the team Bill!

Bruce A
Mark B
Andrew H
Matt S
Chris V
Caroline J
John G
Darren W
Ian C
David J
Ric Y
Eddie V
Bill St.

If you want to sign up for the FTC2011, go to the 'Teams' tab at the top of your on your online logbook and click on the Team Challenge link (this will automatically sign you up to the Fall Team Challenge 2011).

British Indoor Rowing Championships 2012

Due to an unfortunate booking error the usual November British Indoor Rowing Championships at the NIA will not be taking place this year. It has been rescheduled for Sunday 25th March 2012 at Nottingham University. C2 UK will give more details about the event nearer the date on the C2 UK Forum. I will post any information I find to help us get organised for a team gathering. Hope to see as many of you there as possible.

As for the 2012 World Indoor Rowing Championships (or CRASHB's as they are more widely known) the date will be published in late August 2011 with registration opening in December 2011.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Boat two floated in August CTC

Seventeen EET'ers have rowed the August Cross Team Challenge which is a fantastic turn out team.
Two boats are now floated in the points rankings with thanks to Yee-Ann - nice work there.
Joe D has rowed a good time and Edward J has updated his previous time again (there's no stopping this guy).
We just need two more heavyweight, three lightweight and three female rowers to rank the remaining three boats.
Come on Empty the Tanks team mates - let's go for it!

7 pts
Empty the Tanks I 42:22.6
Mark Bower (H) 38:55.3
Eddie Ventress (H) 39:41.5
Richard Young (H) 39:41.8
Mick LeTourneaux (L) 42:33.3
Yee-Ann Cho (F) 51:01.4

2 pts
Empty the Tanks II 44:27.7
David Junta (H) 41:26.6
John Giles (H) 41:40.0
Matthew Smith (H) 41:46.2
Chris Benson (L) 45:33.1
Caroline Joynson (F) 51:53.0

27Empty the Tanks III42:10.9
Joe Donar (H) 41:56.3
hector m guerrero villa (H) 42:05.1
Andrew Hewitt (H) 42:31.3

28Empty the Tanks IV43:14.5
Andy Soyring (H) 42:38.7
edward jackson (H) 43:26.0
Ian Clegg (H) 43:38.9

39Empty the Tanks V48:20.7
Jim Moldenhauer (H) 48:20.7

Monday, 8 August 2011

August CTC An impressive turn out so far

Week one of the Cross Team Challenge half, half marathon and a total of fifteen Empty the Tanks team mates have tackled the 10,549 metre distance.

Here are the individual standings on day eight:
  • It looks like Mark has surpassed his sub 40 row with a sub 39 - brilliant rowing there Mark.
  • Edward J has shaved off another minute from his previous row
  • John G has also produced another PB time too
  • Matt S rowed his best ever 10k time but couldn't rank the distance because he had to keep going for another 549 metres - next time Smithy!
We definitely need some more lightweight and female rowers to float boats, two, three and four in the points rankings. Nag those wives, girlfriends, sisters, flat-mates and work colleagues to do a row for the friendliest virtual rowing team in the world.

1 Mark Bower M ETT I 38:55.3 1:50.7
2 Eddie Ventress M ETT I 39:41.5 1:52.9
3 David Junta M ETT I 41:26.6 1:57.9
4 John Giles M ETT II 41:40.0 1:58.5
5 Matthew Smith M ETT II 41:46.2 1:58.8
6 hector m guerrero villa M ETT II 42:05.1 1:59.7
7 Andrew Hewitt M ETT III 42:31.3 2:00.9
8 Mick LeTourneaux m ETT I 42:33.3 2:01.0
9 Andy Soyring M ETT III 42:38.7 2:01.3
10 edward jackson M ETT III 43:28.0 2:03.6
11 Ian Clegg M ETT IV 43:38.9 2:04.1
12 Richard Young M ETT IV 43:58.8 2:05.1
13 Chris Benson m ETT II 45:33.1 2:09.5
14 Jim Moldenhauer M ETT IV 48:20.7 2:17.5
15 Caroline Joynson f ETT I 51:53.0 2:27.5

Friday, 5 August 2011

August CTC Day 5 and 4 boats

We have now got four boats in the CTC because David J has rowed himself into boat one.
Let's hope that on day six of the competition we have five boats in the mix.

2 pts
Empty the Tanks I 42:58.8
Mark Bower (H)
Eddie Ventress (H)
David Junta (H)
Mick LeTourneaux (L)
Caroline Joynson (F)

18Empty the Tanks II43:05.1
hector m guerrero villa (H)
John Giles (H)
Andrew Hewitt (H)
Chris Benson (L)

21Empty the Tanks III43:35.2
Andy Soyring (H)
Ian Clegg (H)
edward jackson (H)

27Empty the Tanks IV48:20.7
Jim Moldenhauer (H)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

CTC Day 4 and 3 boats

With nine heavyweight rowers in the CTC competition we have now got three boats in the challenge. Over the next week we need more lightweight and female rowers to get all three boats (and more) into the points rankings.

Eddie and Mark are the first ETT'ers to break the sub 40 minutes for the 10,549 row - great work boys!
Just look how close the race is between Hector, John, Andy H, Mick and Andy S. We may have a battle on our hands for boat one and two rankings:

Edward has shaved 19 seconds off his previous row (nice work) and here are the positions for the rest of the team:

3 pts
Empty the Tanks I 43:06.5
Mark Bower (H) 39:19.7
Eddie Ventress (H) 39:41.5
hector m guerrero villa (H) 42:05.1
Mick LeTourneaux (L) 42:33.3
Caroline Joynson (F) 51:53.0

17Empty the Tanks II43:13.5
Andrew Hewitt (H) 42:31.3
Andy Soyring (H) 42:38.7
John Giles (H) 42:11.1
Chris Benson (L) 45:33.1

21Empty the Tanks III45:29.2
edward jackson (H) 44:28.1
Jim Moldenhauer (H) 48:20.7
Ian Clegg (H) 43:38.9

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Empty the Tanks take 2nd place in August CTC

Yipeee, boat one has entered the points rankings in second place. We won't talk too much about the fact there are only two boats in the points rankings at this early stage in the game.

Well done to the following team mates who have rowed 10,549 metres in the first three days of the competition.

1 pt
Empty the Tanks I 44:46.0
hector m guerrero villa (H) 42:05.1
Andrew Hewitt (H) 42:31.3
edward jackson (H) 44:47.6
Mick LeTourneaux (L) 42:33.3
Caroline Joynson (F) 51:53.0

19Empty the Tanks II46:56.9
Jim Moldenhauer (H) 48:20.7
Chris Benson (L) 45:33.1

Monday, 1 August 2011

August CTC

Empty the Tanks have started the month off in style with four team mates rowing the 10,549 metres (so far today). Let's hope we are as hot as the August weather and steam through this challenge.
Jim M was the first to upload his time followed closely by Andy H, myself and Edward J.

Andy H = 42:31.3
Edward J = 44:47.6
Jim M = 48:20.7
Caroline = 51:53.0

Good luck to the rest of you with the half, half marathon. If I haven't posted your time yet - don't worry I will not forget to mention you tomorrow!

Empty the Tanks cycle team

On Saturday Chris V and I met up with Empty the Tanks team mate Edward J for a bike ride around Richmond Park. Edward and his wife traveled from the South East coast to spend a weekend in London. Edward nipped out to meet us whilst his wife enjoyed the retail hot-spots of Oxford Street.
The weather was amazing - perfect biking conditions - glorious sunshine with a fresh breeze. I managed to cultivate quite an impressive lobster-style tan line after five hours in the saddle. We cycled about 15 miles in total punctuated with a coffee break and a lunch stop in Richmond overlooking the Thames.
It was great to meet up with a fellow Empty the Tanks team mate - if anybody is in London over the summer then e-mail me for a team bike ride or row down the Thames.

July CTC final results and a new team mate

It all kicks off today - everybody should be rowing the latest distance of 10,549 metres for the Empty the Tanks August Cross Team Challenge - the half, half marathon. Unfortunately the site has not yet changed over from the July challenge (20 x 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest) so any keen EET'ers will have to wait a while to upload their results.

Well done to everybody who participated in the July CTC - it was a pretty intense interval session, in fact I thought it was so bad I only managed one attempt. It is a shame we didn't get two more team mates participating in this event because we almost had four boats in the points rankings this month!

On a more positive note we have a new team mate John Giles who joined boat three in the last week of July. Welcome to the team John G and I hope you enjoy rowing in the August Cross Team Challenge with us too.

32 pts
Empty the Tanks I 4188.8m
Mark Bower (H) 4514m
Richard Young (H) 4430m
Joe Donar (H) 4425m
Mick LeTourneaux (L) 4067m
Yee-Ann Cho (F) 3508m

20 pts
Empty the Tanks II 4052.2m
hector m guerrero villa (H) 4333m
David Junta (H) 4292m
Matthew Smith (H) 4182m
Chris Venables (L) 4012m
Caroline Joynson (F) 3442m

11 pts
Empty the Tanks III 3903m
Andy Soyring (H) 4174m
Ian Clegg (H) 4117m
John Giles (H) 4104m
Chris Benson (L) 3753m
jean curran (F) 3367m

59Empty the Tanks IV3787.6m
David Nicholas (H) 4079m
edward jackson (H) 4072m
June Weintraub (L) 3212m