Sunday, 8 May 2011

One week left for the Global Marathon Challenge

Row a half or full marathon between now and the 15th May to earn yourself a certificate and a wonderful feeling of achievement.

Half Marathon = 21,097 metres
Full Marathon = 42,195 metres

Congratulations goes out to Mark B who has pulled in a personal best time for the Full Marathon taking 7 minutes from his 2009 PB with 2:49:13.7.

Let me know how you get on and I'll post your results on the blog for everybody to see.


  1. Mark,

    Out of interest, what did you rate?

  2. 'Excellent', in my opinion! In terms of the stroke, I started at 25, went up to 28 by the end, averaged 26 overall. Slower than usual (I'm not overly strong, just quick), but for obvious reasons!

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  4. Well done, Mark.
    I'm thinking of doing my first marathon and am wondering about pacing. I see your overall pace was just over 2:00. Did you keep that pace the whole time or was it way faster in the beginning and way slower at the end?
    David J.

  5. My last (and only) marathon before this I did at 2:05 and finished in 2:56:28. This time I aimed to go sub-2:50:00, so set out at 2:02-2:03, which meant if I felt okay I only had to find 1:30 over the distance. I started upping the pace gradually, only fading slightly at the end as I ran out of energy. Some drink stops hampered me as well. There's a link to the C2 spreadsheet data below if you want to see my 2k splits (bizarrely that's the default split!).

  6. Excellent effort!

    Am I right in saying you hit a small "wall" (marathon euphemism!) at about 36k?!

  7. PS out of curiosity (and no I am not a cat!!), how do you manage to rate 26 and pull (only) 2-min spilts? Are you rowing only half-slide, relying on momentum?

    Not quite seen this approach before...

  8. PPS Plan to row 21k on Sunday. Will only be UT3 pace though!!

  9. Hehe, at 36k I needed another stop, but had emptied my bottle. I spied my daughters pack of "fruit shoot" so had to unstrap and go grab a couple of them (they're tiny bottles!). The other stops only cost me about 8 seconds, but that was a killer. The real wall was at 38-42k, where I couldn't get it back below 2:00 again!!

    Rowing 26spm and only pulling 2:00 is actually hard for me, I'm more used to 29-30 and 1:50s for distance. It was very relaxed, which is the hardest thing for me to do as I'm almost programmed to go faster, but I knew how tough it would be at the end. I know a few people do rows at r18-r20, but I'm just not strong enough for such a slow rate, I'm more suited to a faster pace.

  10. That was always an odd thing when Mark and I used to row together at the gym. Mark would always be at 26spm+ and I am typically at 20-22spm. Even on a 2k I don't exceed 31spm.

    Just did my Half Marathon yesterday in 1.30.48 which is about 4 minutes off my PB. Average spm 21, average HR 166. I needed a half minute refreshment break so would like to think it was under 1.30 really :-)