Saturday, 28 May 2011

The next two CTC challenges

A quick update to let you know what Cross Team Challenge's are coming up over the next few months. These work-outs may influence our choice for the August CTC:

June CTC = Independent = 5k restricted to 24spm
July CTC = DLC Bromsgrove = 20 x 45 seconds with 15 second rests
August CTC = Empty the Tanks = ?


  1. I'm curious how the 24spm restriction works. Do you have to average 24spm or can you never go over 24? Either way, how do you know?

  2. I was only just wondering the same thing myself David. I'll ask on the forum I think if it's not clear on the challenge.

  3. I think the aim is to stay as close as possible to 24spm throughout the row so your average comes out to 24spm.

    When ETT set the 25 mins at 25spm in December 2009 we suggested anything below 25spm was OK.

    Unless it is clearly outlined, some sneaky people work out how to do a row at a higher spm then slow down to average it out (I don't have the type of brain for that sort of shenanigans). As Mark suggested a question on the forum would probably be the best idea to clarify the rules of the row.

  4. Slightly separately, a possible suggestion for August:

    1 min, flat out, as many metres as you can get?

    My preference is something long, I suspect June will fill that requirement nicely. 1 min should be easy enough! (says with cheeky grin) ;-)

  5. Reply from Dougie on the forum:
    "Ideally you should stick to rate 24 all the way through the piece the PM2/3/4 is very forgiving and will round 24.9 down to 24."

    He also said he plugs in 10 splits and aims for 8/10 to be r24 or less. I think it would be tricky to hit an average r24 if you had done higher splits, it's about consistency.

  6. I had a crack at this challenge this morning just to see how it was - and becasue 5k at about 22spm is my row of choice anyway. I did the first 3k at 22spm, and the final 2k at 25spm, finishing way up at probably 27spm for the last 500m. This gave an average rate of 23spm which is in some interpretations within the rules. Still not really clear from Dougie whether these type of techniques (aka 'shenanigans') are ok or not? Also about the rounding down on the PM2/3/4 - given a 5k time of say 20 minutes 24.9spm is 498 strokes in total where 24spm is 480 strokes in total. For me 18 strokes is probably an extra 210metres which is a lot so this rounding down makes a significant difference when you are pacing yourself if you are looking for an optimal time.

    And Dave, 1min flat out is cool with me. Last time it was a C2C I enjoyed it :)

    That July C2C looks like the kind of thing that will annoy me as I won't be able to programme the machine.