Saturday, 14 May 2011

New half marathon personal best time

I have just finished my half marathon, I'm still very hot and my hands are shaking with adrenalin. I rowed the last 2,000 metres at just under my 2k pace and threw everything into the last 1k at my 2k pace. This probably indicates I could have put a bit more into the half marathon earlier on, but with very little practise at longer distances its hard to know how much you will have left in the tanks. My average stroke rate was 25spm and my average heart rate was 154bpm although in the last 2k it rose to 184bpm.

It felt much better than my 2009 row but the first 5k was slower than I wanted so I picked up the pace at the 15k mark. I rowed at a pace of 2:36.3 taking 2 minutes off my previous half marathon with 1:49:56.1. I am currently ranked 4th out of 7 in my age and weight category on the C2 world rankings. I think its time for a chill out now.

Good luck to any other Empty the Tanks team mates doing a half or full marathon this weekend.

Well done to the nine team mates who rowed the Global Marathon Challenge:

Mark - 42,195 metres - 2:49:13.7 - 4th out of 19 MHW 30-39 PB
David J - 21,097 metres - 1:37:45.0 - 57th out of 78 MHW 40-49
Caroline - 21,097 metres - 1:49:56.1 - 4th out of 7 FLW 30-39 PB
Andy H - 21,097 metres - 1:30:48.9 - 20th out of 42 MHW 30-39 PB
Hector - 21,097 metres - 1:33:27.6 - 46th out of 78 MHW 40-49
Ian - 21,097 metres - 1:34:49.0 - 31st out of 56 MHW 50-59 PB
Jim - 21,097 metres - 1:40:14.8 - 48th out of 63 MHW 50 - 59 PB
Dave -
21,097 metres - 1:27:39.2 - 12th out of 42 MHW 30-39
Andy S -
21,097 metres - 1:28:56.3 - 21st out of 76 MHW 50-59


  1. Mine now ranked. Well done on the PB! Maybe we should do it as the ctc?!

  2. Well done on your HM Andy. Maybe we should do it as a CTC. I think August is just enough time away to forget the pain of the row?
    What do other members think of a HM CTC?

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  4. I have just though of a potential problem with a HM CTC. August 1st is a Monday which may be an issue for some team mates being able to commit to a HM after a full day of work - we had discussed trying to get loads of Empty the Tank'ers rowing on the first day to try to float as many boats as possible.

  5. Well done everyone on your marathon efforts!

    I'm not sure a HM CTC would go down very well, the most that's ever been done that I can see is 12k. Personally I prefer the short distances, as it's a change from the challenge series and the C2 distance challenges. It'll be right before the fall challenge though, so maybe it could be a kick start for that. Tough call I'd say!

  6. I did my half marathon today and also had a personal best - which was easy as it was my first half marathon. I took it conservatively as it was my first time at that distance and wanted to make sure I would make it to the end.

  7. My HM, which I did as my first row of the new season, was also a PB beating my only other HM by 6 mins. Like Caroline and Jim I saved myself for fear of running out of steam. I'd like to think I could get under 1h30m but will leave it until one of the challenges to try again.

    Not sure whether a HM would go down well as the CTC. I'm still in favour of Mark's 8x31s.

  8. I agree, I think we need to stick to a shorter distance or snappy intervals to ensure maximum participation from everybody.

  9. 21k clocked in at 1:27:39.2. Rate 18. Looking forward to a well earned curry this evening!

    Re: August CTC, I'm wary of something samey! Also, I'm wary of proposing something too precise, the simpler the better.

    From my point of view, the CTC primarily focuses on relatively short distances, and seldom anything longer for a sustained piece of rowing!

    So, my nomination: 30min erg rate cap 25! Good middle distance piece, relying on fitness and strength endurance!

  10. I did a HM today after a busy week, 1:28:56.3, rate 22. Felt pretty good. Congrats to all who did this one!