Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Men needed

We need 5 male team mates to row the May 1k CTC so we could float a THIRD boat in the points rankings. Come on guys its only three and a half minutes of pain......


  1. I intend having a go but I'm working up to it having spent last week in Mykonos doing absolutely nothing but eat and drink. Could take me a bit more than 3 1/2 minutes though!

  2. I did one this morning, 3:25.7 start 36, settle to rate 32 & 36 at the end. Felt pretty good but I was a little short on the strokes near the end. Congrats to all doing this one, not an easy piece!


  3. Nice one Andy, it's not an easy one this by half! Me and Ric had another go today, but I was 2 seconds off my best and Ric is coming back from illness, so he didn't better his either. We're going to keep trying though on the remaining weekdays in May in the work gym.