Monday, 2 May 2011

May CTC and a new team mate

Four Empty the Tanks team mates have rowed the 1k May Cross Team Challenge and Mark B is currently in the number one position for the individual rankings.

1Mark BowerMEmpty the Tanks I 3:07.6 1:33.8 424.1

It looks like Mark has encouraged his wife to join the team because she has pulled in a very decent time for the 1k challenge. Welcome to the team Karen!
Because we have another female rower contributing to the CTC challenges we should be able to float two boats this month.

8Empty the Tanks I 3:55.3
Mark Bower (H) 3:07.3
Chris Venables (L) 3:34.0
Caroline Joynson (L) 4:21.9
Karen Bower (F) 4:28.7


  1. I've been badgering her for a while to put some meters in for us, she's always been pretty fit and at the moment she's training for the race for life and 1k isn't too far to row. She complained after that she felt ill, but to say she doesn't row at all I was impressed, and I said it might help us float 2 boats this month.

    I was quite pleased with mine as well, there's lots of scope for improvement as this month is also the 500m in the challenge series, so it's all about sprinting and no draining long rows!

  2. I just pulled a PB for 1,000m and we are now the #2 team!
    Wow...nice time, Mark.
    Great job, everyone.

  3. I also pulled a PB this morning, but now that I am rowing as a MHWT (I like Pie) I don't even get in boat number 1! My HR was at max for the entire second 500m, lungs still hurt...

    Welcome Mrs Bower!

  4. PB for me too... I think there's scope to push it a smidge faster too.

    And we're boat #1 - tho we were before!

    Welcome Mrs. Bower!

  5. Mrs Bower says Hello!

    And Andy, lose some weight! Lightweights are a rarity as it is, we don't want to be losing the ones we have :D

  6. Tell you what Mark - I will lose the 8kg if you wear a skirt and makeup and row as FHWT. Photographic evidence required ;)