Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Four boats in May CTC and a new team mate

Empty the Tanks has four boats in the Cross Team Challenge points ranking for the first ever time since June 2009 - pretty impressive stuff.

Our new team mate, Neil M helped us achieve this historic event by rowing the 1k challenge and joined boat four in the rankings. Thanks Neil and welcome to the team.

We have a very good chance of getting boat five filled if five more team mates get involved in the next seven days.

29 pts
Empty the Tanks I 3:28.9
Mark Bower (H) 3:03.7
Richard Young (H) 3:15.5
David Nicholas (H) 3:19.0
Chris Venables (L) 3:34.0
Yee-Ann Cho (F) 4:12.4

18 pts
Empty the Tanks II 3:35.1
David Junta (H) 3:19.4
Joe Donar (H) 3:19.7
Andrew Hewitt (H) 3:22.0
Mick LeTourneaux (L) 3:40.0
Karen Venables (F) 4:14.8

9 pts
Empty the Tanks III 3:47.2
Andy Soyring (H) 3:25.7
edward jackson (H) 3:37.6
Ian Clegg (H) 3:41.2
Chris Benson (L) 3:49.8
Caroline Joynson (F) 4:21.9

3 pts
Empty the Tanks IV 4:12.4
Neil Marston (H) 3:42.7
hector m guerrero villa (H) 3:47.0
Phil Venables (L) 4:34.4
Karen Bower (L) 4:22.6
June Weintraub (F) 4:29.3


  1. Neil's the other guy in our department that Ric and I managed to rope in! I've never seen so much red on the board :)

    And Ric and I still can't beat the times we've posted. I did 3:04.6 today, the same as yesterday! We're having a rest day tomorrow, then trying again on Thursday. We had a big weights session yesterday, so doing the same time today was good given how I felt the effects from yesterday. With a rest I'm hoping we'll amaze ourselves on Thursday!

  2. Dan W has just rowed the 1k May CTC so we have officially got five boats in the race.
    Just need four more rowers to get into the points rankings.

  3. Hi Mark, hopefully after a rest you and Ric will be fresh as daisies and post some amazing times on Thursday. I am hoping to improve on my time before the week is out.
    Good luck for the next 1k PB attempt - scoff one of your magic energy gels before-hand....
    I notice Mrs B has shaved a decent amount off her previous time - nice work Karen!

  4. Hehe, funnily enough we said today we should try the pro-fuel for the next attempt!

    Karen went for a run tonight with friends, however they're more walkers than runners, so she came back complaining she'd not had a proper workout. I said she should get on the C2 and she reluctantly agreed, so I encouraged her to go faster!

  5. I'm shooting for 3:10 - but missing the mark at the moment. Wish this cough would go tho...