Saturday, 21 May 2011

Brand new team mate

We have a new member called Chris Benson, a lightweight rower who has entered a very decent time for the May CTC 1k. Welcome to the team Chris B.

We only need ONE more rower in the next 11 days to row 1k to ensure boat three gets into the points rankings.


  1. Chris is the guy that sits behind me at work and who frequents the work gym quite often. He does a bit of erging so we got him intrigued enough to do the 1k, knowing that we needed another lightweight! We also persuaded another guy, Neil, but he hasn't registered yet, but that will be the last man for boat 3.

    I have to admit to being slightly disappointed though that we seem to have 50 members or so, yet to float 3 boats it's taken 3 extra people that Ric and I have roped in. It's not as if this is a tough row, it's only 4 minutes or so!

  2. Hi Mark,
    I know how you feel I have been going on about the 1k row via the blog, e-mail and to my friends on the team and they still haven't come up with the goods. It can be very frustrating.. you can mention the CTC to an ETT'er but you can't make 'em row....

  3. Great work on team recruitment Mark and Ric!