Sunday, 1 May 2011

August CTC

We have been selected to set the August Cross Team Challenge so get your thinking caps on for a fun, competitive and original row for the last month of summer.

Blog or e-mail your suggestions then we can vote for the most popular challenge.


  1. It depends what we want from the challenge.
    If we want to get lots of participation, then a short distance is best.
    If we want to get a good placing I would guess that as a team we are quite good at endurance distances. I would be up for a HM if we can get at least 1 boat together for it.
    Personally my best distance is 5k, and my preference would be a restrictred stroke rate (20spm average max) 5k.
    As long as its not one of those Pyramid things that is fine. It took me longer to programme the PM3 than it did to row the last one!

  2. I was just saying to Ric yesterday that we're good at distances as a team, but that the participation level wouldn't be high.

    We've been discussing something like 8x31s for the month/days. Maybe 30s rest in between, could be 'interesting'

  3. I like Mark's idea. While I was rowing this morning, I was thinking either a straight 13 minutes or 13x1m with 1m rest. This was picking up on Caroline's idea of 13 being our position in the affiliation standings last year. But Mark's idea sounds better to me. It's shorter so will probably get more participation and, as he says, could be interesting. I don't do enough interval training so would force me into it.

  4. Some interesting ideas. Keep them rolling in.