Saturday, 7 May 2011

August CTC ideas

The last chance we had to set the Cross Team Challenge was in December 2009 when the team chose 25 mins restricted to below 25 spm.
A few ideas for the August Cross Team Challenge row have been suggested by the following members:

Caroline - 8 minutes, 8 x 500 metres with 1 minute rest
Andy - Half marathon, 5k restricted to r20
Mark - 8 x 31 seconds with 30 seconds rest
Ian - 13 minutes, 13 x 1 minutes with 1 minute rest
David J - unrestricted 30 or 60 minutes

What do you think?
Any more ideas?


  1. How about the full marathon? I just 'shaved' 7 minutes from my PB of 2009, finishing in 2:49:13.7. Incredibly difficult at the end, I wouldn't recommend it really. Just wanted an excuse to mention it :)

  2. I'd say 30 or 60 minutes, flat out.

  3. Excellent stuff on the marathon Mark - very impressive. Not sure a marathon CTC would be very popular...... I have not put myself through the torture of a full marathon yet. Maybe it will be this season?

  4. I think it has to be done, the C2 marathon challenge is the perfect excuse. I've just about recovered now as it's a completely different beast to any other row. You think it's similar to the half marathon, but when I rowed my recent HM PB it felt like a power row, even at the end when I finished really strongly. Yesterday was all about endurance, there was no real power involved. I tried to power up for the last 1k, but there was literally nothing there! I'd gone out at a pace that I knew would give me a PB by a big margin though, so I have only myself to blame!

  5. 30mins rate capped at 20 is quite a bit tougher than perceived ;-)

    Or better still, 30 mins Rcap 25!

  6. If we were to do a marathon for the challenge, I would suggest that those of us in Yorkshire, which I think is at least a boat, should row it together for motivation. My gym has 11 C2s in a row for example and we could sit alongside each other. I don't think I would be able to get through a full marathon without encouragement from others!

    30mins capped at 20 suits me very well!