Wednesday, 13 April 2011

WEC11 Day 30

With only two more days to go - let's make it count! Come on team, now is the time to "Empty the Tanks".
Sarah Z has uploaded metres for the first time in the challenge - great stuff. Hopefully more metres from other members will get uploaded tomorrow?

I may not be able to access the internet on Thursday and Friday, so apologies in advance if I am unable to blog about the final results. I will blog as soon as I can.

Good luck team. Let's stay in the top 25 teams and aim for top 20.

Day 30 = 43 team mates = 24/241 teams = 5,573,907 metres = top 9%


  1. only one word really covers how I feel now it's done - and it was the last thing I said to the rower as well...


    Strong finish everyone!!!

  2. That's me done as well. I've enjoyed it but so, so glad it's over.
    Well done to everyone and a huge thanks to Caroline for keeping us all going and motivated.


  3. Both Mark and I had to turn to supplements a couple of weeks ago - the CNP pro fuel and recover made it (slightly) more bearable!!

  4. All done for me too, great job all & thanks Caroline for encouraging us all to keep grinding out the distance! Steam & sauna tomorrow with no rowing machine, this last week beat me up abit. I'll be back for the challenge in the fall.


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