Friday, 8 April 2011

WEC11 Day 25

On the 25th day of the competition we reside in 23rd place out of 241 world-wide teams. With a week left to play for, we could still make it into the top 20 teams if we put in some extra metres this weekend.

Day 25 = 41 team mates = 23/241 teams = 4,596,175 metres = top 9%


  1. I tried to do 35k today, honest to God I did. Just quit my second row of the day at 10k though (first was the 15k this morning). Arms are fine, legs are fine, breathing is fine. Problem is my back, which feels like it's been hit repeatedly with a baseball bat. Breathing was actually painful when my lungs tried to expand my back muscles. Hopefully with rest I should be able to do another 25k tomorrow, maybe more.

  2. Mark,
    so sorry to hear about your injury. It sounds like your back is making a pretty obvious cry for help after a month and a half of rowing 10k (and much more)every day. Maybe a rest day is in order to help you get back to full fighting form.