Friday, 15 April 2011

WEC Day 32 The final day

We have reached the final day of the World Erg Challenge at last!
Great work everybody, we have done a fine job of keeping in the top 25 world-wide teams.
Results may change slightly over the next day or two, but the results on Friday 15th April are:

Day 32 = 43 team mates = 24/241 teams = 5,818,118 metres = top 9%


  1. Well done everyone!

    Question - does anyone use heart monitoring equipment, paired with the C2? Is it any good and what do you use?


  2. I use a Suunto monitor paired with a PM4.

    The original idea with HR measurement was to measure aerobic intensity.

    Put simply, performing long, steady-state ergs (eg: r18) has been proven to improve the aerobic pathways. Many athletes use this as part of their training regime (although to be clear, not solely), as physiologically the body is not able to handle repetitive instances of high-intensity / long-endurance erging for prolonged periods.

    As there is broad equivalence between low rate / steady state rowing (ie: lower heart rate) and high rate / full pressure rowing (high/maximal heart rate), HR monitoring is useful to see where you are in terms of intensity.

    Hope this helps.

  3. I also use the Suunto with PM4 and think its a great way to monitor my performance and possibility. Just by the way my heart rate will jump within the first couple of minutes I can tell whether I will be able to have fast (PB) row or average row. I am still fairly new at this, I hope to reach the 1/2MM by the end of this season, it is a good guide as to row faster or pace myself more so I do "blow up".
    I can also tell if I am making progress in terms of fitness by comparing AVG HR versus distance rowed in a set time (typically 30 min).

  4. Dave/Pieter - very useful information thank you.

    As I row on PM3 machines I have ordered the Heart Rate Interface thing from Concept2. I have also got an uncoded Polar chest strap (T31) and a Polar wrist device coming (ebay - much cheaper than Concept2).

    I do most of my rowing at R20 - R22 and tend to do longer distances. It will be interesting to see how my heart rate rises towards the anaerobic threshold as I increase my stroke rate. I suppose it should be good for judging the optimum heart rate / stroke rate balance to get a fast or PB time for middle distance rows. For example when attempting a 5k to get a PB I have gone out with too high a stroke rate before, and I guess been unable to sustain my heart rate at the higher level. Keeping it in the sweet spot should enable better times more of the time - and also tell me when I am being lazy!


  5. I forgot to download my WEC certificate, anyone still have the link for it? I think it generates it for your profile, so I only need the link...

  6. Hi Mark,
    If you log onto your C2 online logbook a certificate should be in the "teams" tab section. Mine is still there and I have only just downloaded it today.

  7. Oh yeah, how did I miss that!! Thanks, must have been the only tab I didn't check, and I've downloaded this stuff loads of times :)