Saturday, 2 April 2011

April CTC

The Cross Team Challenge for April has been set by Free Spirits virtual club.

Free the spirit with 3 x 1,000 metres with 4' rest

Row 3 x 1K with 4' rest stroke rate is unrestricted.
The first rep must be from a stationary flywheel, Reps 2 & 3 can be a rolling or stationary start.

Record the time for your slowest 1,000 metre rep.


  1. This had us confused yesterday, Ric came over to me saying it was 3x1k and the times already posted were around 3 mins. Took us 5 mins to work out it's the slowest that counts!

  2. Yeah it took me a while to get my head around it. I think it is to make sure that each interval is as even as possible and you aren't tempted to balls out on the last one. Do you think people are going to be honest with their time uploads - ie. enter their fastest time as their 'slowest' time?