Thursday, 28 April 2011

April CTC

With only a few days left for the April Cross Team Challenge we only need 2 team mates to row the 3 x 1k with 4 minutes rest to make sure we float a boat in the rankings. You need to enter the time for your slowest rep.

If you follow the CTC thread on the C2 UK forum, you will notice that there is a mathematical formula that is calculated each month to work out who will choose the next challenge. It is based upon the amount of boats floated each month, how many points the team gets and when they last chose a challenge.
If we float a boat this month we could be in with the chance to choose the September or October CTC. The last time we had a shot was in December 2009.

The following team mates have rowed this months CTC:

36Empty the Tanks I 3:52.8
Richard Young (H) 3:28.4
Chris Venables (L) 3:35.0
Caroline Joynson (F) 4:35.1

Friday, 15 April 2011

WEC Day 32 The final day

We have reached the final day of the World Erg Challenge at last!
Great work everybody, we have done a fine job of keeping in the top 25 world-wide teams.
Results may change slightly over the next day or two, but the results on Friday 15th April are:

Day 32 = 43 team mates = 24/241 teams = 5,818,118 metres = top 9%

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

WEC11 Day 30

With only two more days to go - let's make it count! Come on team, now is the time to "Empty the Tanks".
Sarah Z has uploaded metres for the first time in the challenge - great stuff. Hopefully more metres from other members will get uploaded tomorrow?

I may not be able to access the internet on Thursday and Friday, so apologies in advance if I am unable to blog about the final results. I will blog as soon as I can.

Good luck team. Let's stay in the top 25 teams and aim for top 20.

Day 30 = 43 team mates = 24/241 teams = 5,573,907 metres = top 9%

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

WEC11 Day 29

Yahooo we have moved up a position and we are now in 23rd place.
Keep up the rowing for another three days and then have a well deserved rest.

What are you looking forward to doing in your 'gained time' after the World Erg Challenge?

Day 29 = 42 team mates = 23/241 team mates = 5,305,537 metres = top 9%

Monday, 11 April 2011

WEC Day 28

We have hit five million metres today - great work team mates. With only a few more days left of the challenge, let's make every row count.

Sorry Mark, but Matt L has resumed his place in the top slot again.

Matt S has uploaded some metres in the final week of the challenge and pulled in a sub 20 minute 5k (which is a personal best time) - nice work Smithy!

Day 28 = 42 team mates = 24/241 teams = 5,142,125 metres = top 9%

Sunday, 10 April 2011

WEC11 Day 27

Mark has worked his way to the top of the team with continued hard graft - well done Mark!
We have also moved up two places in the rankings and are now in 22nd place - it must be the lovely weather that has inspired us to put in those extra metres. John F's overnight upload of over 70k definitely helped us out - thanks John.

A big thanks to the 41 team mates who have contributed metres to the competition so far.

To the nine members who are yet to upload - there's only five days of the World Erg Challenge left. Please help the team out by rowing 10k or 20k by the 15th April, it could put us back into the top 20 world-wide teams.

Day 27 = 41 team mates = 22/241 teams = 4,953,460 metres = top 9%

Saturday, 9 April 2011

WEC11 Day 26

Watch out Matt, Mark is hot on your heels to take pole position!
15 members have made it into the 100k+ club; 7 have rowed 200k or more; 4 members have rowed 300k+ and 2 are in the very exclusive 400k+ club.

1 Matt Longman 457,688
2 Mark Bower 435,015
3 Andy Soyring 387,000
4 Richard Young 321,123
5 Derek Kyme 272,000
6 David Junta 210,565
7 Mick LeTourneaux 200,000
8 Pieter Goes 177,394
9 Gordon Fletcher 176,221
10 joseph coda 157,426
11 Caroline Joynson 154,922
12 Andreas Englert 151,193
13 Edward Jackson 144,700
14 Lance Peters 138,497
15 David Nicholas 122,411

Day 26 = 41 team mates = 24/241 teams = 4,765,712 metres = top 9%

Friday, 8 April 2011

WEC11 Day 25

On the 25th day of the competition we reside in 23rd place out of 241 world-wide teams. With a week left to play for, we could still make it into the top 20 teams if we put in some extra metres this weekend.

Day 25 = 41 team mates = 23/241 teams = 4,596,175 metres = top 9%

WEC11 Day 24

We have slipped into 23rd place, although we have 50 members who have signed up to the challenge - only 30 team mates are regularly inputting metres.
Come on everybody, we have only got one week left to make a difference. Let's aim to get into the top 20 teams.

Day 24 = 41 team mates = 23/241 teams = 4,468,780 metres = top 9%

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

WEC11 Day 23

Yeah, we have moved up several places and are now in 22nd position - fantastic work team. We have really put in some metres since yesterday - double our daily average (wow, the threat of whoop-ass really works).

Day 23 = 41 team mates = 22/241 teams = 4,329,954 metres = top 9%

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

WEC11 Day 22

Hey guys we are still going in the wrong direction - don't make me open a can of whoop-ass.
We are in 25th position with just over four million metres.

The top 5 rowers in the team today are:

1 Matt Longman 436,417
2 Mark Bower 319,592
3 Andy Soyring 313,611
4 Richard Young 252,658
5 Derek Kyme 200,000

Day 22 = 41 team mates = 25/241 teams = 4,044,774 metres = top 10%

Monday, 4 April 2011

WEC11 Day 21

We appear to be going in the wrong direction because unfortunately we have dropped down another place (again) to 23rd position.
Come on team mates "Empty the Tanks" - failure is not an option (OK dropping out of the top 25 is not an option).
I am going to put in some extra metres tomorrow, who's with me?

Day 21 = 41 team mates = 23/241 teams = 3,918,960 metres = top 9%

Sunday, 3 April 2011

WEC11 Day 20

After almost three weeks of hard rowing and we are still in the top 25 teams.

Day 20 = 41 team mates = 22/241 teams = 3,823,455 metres = top 9%

Saturday, 2 April 2011

WEC11 Day 19

Despite averaging over 200,000 metres each day, we have slipped down to 22nd place which is a bit disappointing considering the hard work of team members who are regularly contributing metres.

Day 19 = 41 team mates = 22/241 teams = 3,746,580 metres = top 9%

April CTC

The Cross Team Challenge for April has been set by Free Spirits virtual club.

Free the spirit with 3 x 1,000 metres with 4' rest

Row 3 x 1K with 4' rest stroke rate is unrestricted.
The first rep must be from a stationary flywheel, Reps 2 & 3 can be a rolling or stationary start.

Record the time for your slowest 1,000 metre rep.

Friday, 1 April 2011

WEC11 Day 18 April Fools

We appear to have dropped down to 20th place today. When I logged on this morning I was hoping it was an April Fool's Day prank, but unfortunately we are still there.

Keep on rowing people, you are all doing such a good job. We could make it back into the top 15 if we go wild with rowing this weekend......

Day 18 = 41 team mates = 20/241 teams = 3,540,622 metres = top 8%