Wednesday, 23 March 2011

WEC11 Day 9

We have shot up to the dizzy heights of 15th place today with the help of extra metres from Jean, Hector and Peter Y who signed up for the challenge today - great work people.

As you can see in the screen shot above, we are the 4th Virtual Team with 21-50 members - a great improvement from yesterday when we were in 6th place in this category ranking.

There are a number of big hitters who have been rising to the top of the team. The following members have been putting in some impressive numbers over the past nine days:

Matt Longman 202,643
Mark Bower 147,217
Derek Kyme 137,500
Richard Young 137,500
Andy Soyring 135,685
David Junta 103,559
Gordon Fletcher 84,000
joseph coda 73,025
Andreas Englert 70,275
Lance Peters 63,200
Peter Yeeles 57,231
Caroline Joynson 55,512
Pieter Goes 55,351
Edward Jackson 49,000
Mike Schnell 47,000
Mick LeTourneaux 45,000
David Nicholas 43,555
Andrew Hewitt 40,000

Day 9 = 36 team mates = 15/215 teams = 1,884,605 metres = top 7%

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