Monday, 21 March 2011

WEC11 Day 7 and another new team mate

Welcome to Xander, 27 from the UK who joined the team last night and helped the team shoot up to 16th place - welcome to the team Xander - great action photo!
Today we have dropped down to 17th position (again) out of 210 teams and have rowed 1,368,935 metres.

Day 7 = 33 team mates = 17/210 = 1,368,935 metres = top 8%


  1. Welcome to the crew Xander.
    Now we are well into the WEC maddness and rowing has completely taken over most of our lives I was wondering how you do your pieces.
    For example I am off work this week so my plan is -
    5k before the school run
    5k midday
    5k around 4pm
    5k around 7pm

    or if I'm working 5k before work and 5k after

    I just can't force myself to do 20k all in one go, I think I'd need to many toilet breaks!

    Enjoy the month,


  2. I row everything in one go, it's the only way I know! Currently Ric and I are stepping up the March Madness 10k per day to 15k per day, which we row together at lunchtime in the work's gym. Weekends I get on my own Model D and row what I feel like, usually Half Marathons.

    I also forgot that we're off on holiday on the 8th of April, so I'll unfortunately miss the last 5 days of the challenge (unless the caravan park has a gym, which I doubt!).