Saturday, 19 March 2011

WEC11 Day 5

Empty the Tanks are in the top 20 out of nearly 200 teams. We have almost rowed 900,000 metres in five days which is pretty impressive stuff.

Andy S is in pole position, with Matt and Ric battling it out for the second and third spot in the team. Matt has rowed over 40k today - hard core stuff!

Congratulations to the top ten contributors to the team:

1 Andy Soyring 85,561
2 Matt Longman 82,921
3 Richard Young 80,092
4 Derek Kyme 60,000
5 David Junta 56,551
6 Mark Bower 50,000
7 Gordon Fletcher 47,000
8 Mick LeTourneaux 45,000
9 Lance Peters 38,200
10 joseph coda 36,353

Day 5 = 27 team mates = 18/199 teams = 883,209 metres = top 9%


  1. Keep it up guys! Shame you had to post this before I rowed my HM tonight though, I'm up to 4th now! That was a tough one, out on the beer last night and only had 5 hours sleep, then spent 3 hours washing the cars, had pizza for tea and almost fell asleep. Finally got on the erg at 8pm, still tired and bloated from tea!! You have to push yourself though, don't you!

  2. Mark - that is serious commitment to the cause - well done on your HM.
    Next time maybe pizza after the row might make you feel better IF there's a next time.

  3. Mark- That's great. I'm thinking about rowing a HM one of these days. How did you build up to that, I row a 10k occasionally but mostly 30m. Did you just do one out of the blue and how did you decide on pace?

  4. Building up to it is easy enough with plenty of distance under your belt. I usually do 10kms, then when the challenges come along I switch to 1hr. Ric and I are doing hours in the gym most days at the moment, so doing the extra 6km is just a matter of slowing the pace down (current hour pace is about 1:57 if I'm doing it every day, so pitched the HM at 1:59 and came in just under at 1:58.5). I've been rowing long enough that my VO2 max is pretty good, so it's just a matter of pitching the pace so that my muscles don't ache too much!! I also had a day off on Friday, so had a chance to recover (it was forced - we row at work and I forgot my kit!!).

  5. Just as well I left TSYS otherwise there would not have been enough ergs for all of us :-)

  6. Haha, you're not wrong! Ric's enthusiasm is rubbing off on some others too, we should get them logging for the team.

  7. Mark - that sounds like a good plan. Get even more dedicated rowers involved and we may reach the top ten again.