Thursday, 17 March 2011

WEC11 Day 3

We appear to have dropped down to 17th place today - eeek.
Let's row an extra 1,000 metres each to try to crawl back up to the top 15. I noticed that Team Canada were just behind us yesterday - this image of their team captain should motivate us to get away from them as fast as possible - they look tough!
Unfortunately they have shot past us and are residing in 14th place - those pesky Canadians.

Yahoo, tonight we have jumped back up to 15th place just behind Ms Muscles from Team Canada.

Day 3 = 24 team mates = 15/179 = 490,006 metres = top 8%


  1. Ric made exactly the same point about her today, spooky! She sure scares the hell out of me!

  2. Apparently, I was too optimistic about the progress my shoulder injury was making. My doctor has ordered me not to row for another 2-3 weeks, and will then re-evaluate. So I'm afraid I will not be much use for WEC11. I'm disappointed and continue to experience rowing withdrawal symptoms. My apologies for the false start. Good luck to all.

  3. Don't worry Dan - your shoulder is much more important than the WEC. All the best for a healthy recovery.