Tuesday, 29 March 2011

WEC11 Day 15

After two weeks of rowing we are in 16th place and have accumulated over three million metres. John F, Kev F and Phil signed up to the challenge today and brought over 90k with them - thanks guys.
We need to send out a collective 'get well soon' message to Andy who stubbed his toe on a dumbell and then twisted his ankle and knee - All the best for a speedy recovery.

Well done team. What do you say to a top ten position next week?

Day 15 = 40 team mates = 16/228 teams = 3,071,118 metres = top 7%


  1. Blimey Andy, was that a subliminal act to get out of the WEC?! That's going some to injure yourself so much in one go!! Get well soon!!

    And to a top ten position I'd say "thanks very much!". I can't see it happening though, unless we all go mental, starting tomorrow!! Raaargh!!

  2. At least they were all on the same leg & nothing serious fortunately (nothing broken or torn). For now I've just been going arms & back for 10k's but should be able to start adding some slide in a day or two.

    This will encourage me to keep the stray weights & dumbells put up after I use them...


  3. Hope you're back to full power soon then Andy!

    I just thought I'd share that I just annihilated my previous HM PB by over 1:30 to finish in 1:19:30, which puts me 15th in my age category! And that's after 12 consecutive days of 15kms. I'm absolutely chuffed!

    It's entirely based on the fact that I took my CNP Pro Fuel drink before, which is all thanks to Del's recommendation. I can definitely add to that, I felt strong from the start and just got faster. Perfectly controlled, my muscles had all the fuel they needed, and when I stopped I was breathing normally within 30 seconds.

    I'll see if I feel okay tomorrow after the recovery drink I took after! I certainly feel fine now...

  4. Congratulations! Mark, that HM is a great result! It sounds like your times are getting sharp at all of the distances; that takes alot of hard work. Great stuff, I think you are not far from a sub 6:20 2k.

    I did some qtr/half slide today & it felt good.