Saturday, 26 March 2011

WEC11 Day 12

The under-dog won the day today - Oxford beat Cambridge on the Thames. This should give us hope that we could make our way back into the top 15 with a bit more team effort from all members.

Day 12 = 37 team mates = 18/220 teams = 2,478,859 metres = top 8%

Nearly two weeks into the challenge and we have rowed an impressive 2,400,000+ metres. A number of team mates have been rowing their socks off over the past 12 days and have entered the 100k+ and 200k+ clubs. Well done boys:

1 Matt Longman 271,545
2 Mark Bower 200,344
3 Andy Soyring 176,357
4 Richard Young 174,643
5 Derek Kyme 150,000
6 David Junta 118,559
7 Gordon Fletcher 102,080
8 Mick LeTourneaux 100,000


  1. Glad to see that I managed to log my metres before you did today's round up, I just sneaked past 200km today! Keep going everyone!! Personally I'm a 'mere' 75km short of my lifetime 8Mm, and have also just sneaked into 5th for the Season in the affiliation rankings (I'm just behind you now Caroline, better get putting in those HMs to stay infront!!).

    I'm currently researching supplements, does anyone use them and have any suggestions? I used to use carb powders, but stopped a few years ago. Now I'm starting to think seriously about going for a 6:20 2k I'm considering using a pre-workout carb loading powder, with a carb+protein recovery powder after. SiS do some interesting products (PSP22 for Energy, Rego for recovery), but they are quite expensive when compared to others on the market. If they are markedly better though, it may be worth the extra?

  2. Hi Mark
    my personal approach is that I try to eat non-refined foods, good quality fat, good quality protein and lots of green leafy vegetables. I'm not a big fan of liquid calories like carb or protein drinks, but they can be convenient for people who don't have much time. My other approach is to ensure I get plenty of omega 3 eg. fish or fish oil capsules.

  3. Mark,
    Check out this web-site

    Our GB Dragonboat team uses their products, and if you type in the promo-code GB30 you get a discount. Anyone is permitted to use this code. I used them and they are an excellent company.

  4. Thanks Del, that was quite a saving I made there! Pro Fuel and Pro Recover ordered, I'm more interested to try the recover as all I usually do is drink water after and I row enough 15kms to make me think my muscles need all the help I can give them!

  5. I like fresh juice from the juicer mixed with whey powder after long workouts. I juice a few vegetables & throw some whey powder in the shaker. Preworkout I like fruit juice & coffee. One of my coaches used to have us eat some honey, a few nuts & some dried fruit with a cup of coffee before workouts where we were doing alot of volume.