Thursday, 24 March 2011

WEC11 Day 10

We are in 17th place and have rowed over two million metres.
What pre and post work-out food are you consuming throughout the challenge?
I have recently got into making home-made burgers in big batches so I can enjoy a couple with bacon, avocado and a huge salad after my row - yum, yum.

Day 10 = 36 team mates = 17/217 teams = 2,006,229 metres = top 7%


  1. I'm afraid I won't be posting any metres until at least next Monday as I'm doing a long distance paddle at the weekend, 26 miles Saturday and 26 on Sunday and I'll need to conserve my energy tomorrow.
    Keep up the good work everyone!

  2. Considering I generally row quite early in the morning, pre workout is coffee. Post workout is coffee as well.

  3. As it's generally lunchtime for my row, a couple of hours before it's banana, sport drink and pint of berrocca (tm)...

    Post-row, anything not tied down!!

    Mark started us on dextrose tabs 5 mins before row today - seemed to make it easier!!

  4. This evening a toasted muffin with gentlemens relish and a banana, washed down with a cold beer.

  5. Hi Gordon,
    Good to hear from you. I noticed when Chris and I were at the WIRC that you had signed up to participate. What happened? It would have been great to see you.

  6. Del,
    Thanks for all the metres and good luck with your Dragon-boating this weekend. It sounds like it's going to be a hard core few days. Let us know how the results.

  7. Hi Caroline,
    We did a 2 day 60 mile paddle from Bristol to Bradford-on-Avon and back. We are all in pieces now, with blisters on various parts of our bodies, and aching limbs. But also elated for completing the task.
    I need a day off the erg on Monday so I'll be back posting my metres on Tuesday.
    Keep up the good work everyone,

  8. Caroline,

    I didn't realise it was also the kid's half-term so we went skiing instead! Skiing trumps rowing.

    It was a shame since I had put in some training and got down to 7'10"