Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Three new team mates

A very big welcome to three new members of the team who have also signed up for the WEC 2011.
  • Matt Longman, 45 from the USA
  • Angela McLellan, 59 from the UK
  • Pieter, 34 from the USA
I think judging by the surnames of Matt (Birgit Longman) and Angela (Kevin McLellan) they may have been persuaded by their other halves to join to team?


  1. Nursing a sore shoulder I have missed the team challenges since last years WRC. Even with a lack of exercise and plenty of eating and drinking it has not improved. Though I recently broke a finger I am ending my ten month hiatus and going all in for this challenge.

  2. Steve,
    Take it easy on the shoulder (and finger) but all your metres will be very welcome. There's nothing like going all in for a challenge - just be careful not to injure any other bit of your body.