Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Number one boat in the March CTC

Five Empty the Tanks team mates have rowed the 4000 metre Swedish Flat-pack interval challenge with 3 x 2 minute rests.
OK, so there is ONLY one boat in the points leader board - it doesn't matter, we are still number one!

1 pt
Empty the Tanks I 14:55.0
Mark Bower (H) 13:39.1
Richard Young (H) 14:06.6
David Junta (H) 14:11.7
Mick LeTourneaux (L) 14:49.9
Caroline Joynson (F) 17:48.0


  1. Well done Caroline! We should get a point for floating first...

  2. I think i can do a better row later in the challenge, but I'm not confident we will still be in the top spot then. Some of the heavyweight girls go very fast indeed. I didn't really go as fast as my 2k pace (my excuse is I did my row after a long hard day at work).
    Next attempt I will do a longer warm up - only did 10 minutes this time around.

  3. I was hoping we'd get up there first. Enjoying it while we can. Hoping to improve a bit myself.

  4. Okay, trying 1900-100-100-1900 didn't work too well. Everything was okay until the last 1900 when Ric and I both fell apart (altho I did beat Tuesdays time by 6s). It being day 3 of our March Madness 10kms probably doesn't help either! I might revert back to 2000-1000-500-500 on Monday!

  5. Nice work Mark. I noticed that today we have slipped down to second place. Sub 7 are in the number one slot, but there is only 0.4 seconds in it. Can anybody beat their time from yesterday so we can regain pole position?

  6. I've just been looking at the March Madness boards and Karen V has put in 3 days, but I've never seen her post in the CTC? Does everyone know about it? Ric and I are rowing CTC times, then making up the difference to 10k (or 5k for those doing that challenge). There are 17 people listed for ETT for MM and only 5 in CTC! Come on CJ, crack that whip!

  7. It's a fine line between encouragement and nagging. I always do a shout out for the girls to get involved in the CTC on the blog and team e-mails, I'm not sure what I can do to inspire them to get competing. Any ideas boys?

  8. Maybe a blanket email to ETT?? In case they don't always check here frequently??