Friday, 18 March 2011

The March Madness continues

To get your name on the March Madness leaderboard you have to row over 5k or 10k each day for 25 days out of the month. The following team mates are on track to get their coverted certificate:

Mark B, Mike S, Caroline 16 days
Andrew H, Andy S 15 days
David J, Ric Y 13 days
Justin C, Joe C 11 days


  1. I have 2 days un-logged :-) starting to feel the burn after 17 days from 18.

  2. I decided to sign up for the team challenge as I am going strong in the March Madness challenge. For some reason my team affiliation does not show on the progress board, maybe cause I joined the team mid-challenge... Feel that same 17/18 burn. I will be out of town for 4 days next week, which will be a forced break. Will try to row a few extra meters this weekend.

  3. Top work Pieter, I just checked your profile and that face looks familiar - weren't you the Member of the day sometime this week?!

  4. Thanks! Def not this past week or March for that matter, I loaded the picture not too long ago though, so who knows...