Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The March Madness continues

We are into week two of the March Madness individual challenge and 20 team mates have rowed 5000 or more metres for the amount of days shown by their name. The names highlighted in red have rowed 10000 metres each day.

Andrew Hewitt 9
Caroline Joynson 9
Mark Bower 8
Mike Schnell 8
Phil Venables 8
Andy Soyring 7
Richard Young 7
Joseph Coda 6
Karen Venables 6
Peter Yeeles 6
David Junta 5
Derek Kyme 5
John Fewtrell 4
Steve Hellwig 4
David Nicholas 3
Jean Curran 3
Justin Clift 3
Mick LeTourneaux 3
Chris Venables 2
Kevin Ford 2


  1. Come on guys - row your 5k as 4x1k with 2 minutes rest between each, then another 1k to round it up and we could get 3 boats floated in the cross team challenge!

  2. Ditto. Just remember folks - each boat we float after the first is 2 more points for the team. I think mixing it up helps to stop a rut too!!

  3. I agree, get mixing those distances up people. Interval training has been proven to improve fitness levels much faster than mid-distance sets. Let's get another boat floated in the CTC.