Tuesday, 1 March 2011

ETT in the top 5 for the CTC

Mark and Ric have posted their times for the March CTC rows and are currently in the top 4!

1Matthew LeonardMFree Spirits I 13:03.8 1:38.0 372.2
2Frank NoorlanderMForum Flyers I 13:31.7 1:41.5 335.1
3Mark BowerMEmpty the Tanks I 13:39.1 1:42.4 326.1
4Richard YoungMEmpty the Tanks I 14:06.6 1:45.8 295.3


  1. Indeed we are. Just ignore the fact that there are only 14 entries so far :)

  2. Very true, but you can only race who is there!

  3. Nice work, Mark and Ric!
    I decided to start with a 2K and go for a PB. For the first time ever, I rowed a sub-7 (6:58.0) at mile-high altitude. The next 1K was brutal and much slower, but I caught my breath for the last two 500s. I may try again doing 4 x 1,000 to see how it compares.

  4. It was hell!! My first time Sub 7 (not at altitude!!) for the 2k.

    Did another 6k for March Madness which was a bit of a nightmare!!

  5. Nice one David! I found it hard to judge, still had something left at the end, so will try again. Maybe 4 1ks could work better.

    We just need Caroline to do hers and we float a boat already! Mick's turned in a time, so maybe we could be in 1st place!