Thursday, 31 March 2011

End of the March Madness

March has been a long month - 25 days (or more) of rowing 5k entitles these team mates to print off a delightful certificate for their wall. Well done team!

The rowers highlighted in red rowed over 10k a day for 25 days or more - Hope that makes you feel a bit better Mark!

Caroline Joynson 30
Andy Soyring 29
Mark Bower 29
Andrew Hewitt 26
Pieter Goes 26
Andreas Englert 25
Mike Schnell 25
Peter Yeeles 25
Richard Young 25


  1. *cough* Some of us did 10k+ per day *cough* :)

  2. Well done, very impressive...I need a lot more training. I can not do 10k consistently, maybe I should push harder. I figure I will grow into it.

  3. Just 10 more k and I'll be officially Mad About March...

    I always have to leave things to the last minute. Granted I'm closer to the lagging side of the international date line than most of you...

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  5. I have to say this has been probably the toughest challenge I have done. Doing 25 or more days out of 31 has been a logistical nightmare. I did manage a seasons best 10k in there at 39:54 which was pleasing.
    I had today off, but will be back probably on 10ks next week to get the metres up.

    PS. I did 26 days, but always log my metres late so just says 25.