Tuesday, 22 February 2011

WIRC results

Sunday 20th February - Race Day

Chris and I had to be at the Agganis Arena two hours before our race to give us enough time to weigh in, have a look around the stalls and warm up with some stretching and a decent row.
We met up with Tim B who is a friend from the UK who lives in Boston - he decided to help by coxing for both of us.

I raced at 14:30 on the front row of the arena in the same location as last year. I was flanked either side by women from Team Mexico - they looked like they meant business in their black and green outfits. My aim for this race was to try to take my pace down from 2:12.4 (BIRC) to 2:11.0 throughout the 2k so I could beat my PB of 08:46.7. The race began and I quickly settled into a 2:11 pace - I was concentrating on keeping my stroke down under 30 spm so I wasn't wasting energy. The two Mexican women either side of me were doing something like 40 spm and I felt strong and controlled throughout my 2k just doing my own thing.

Coming up to the last 500 metres everything was hurting but I made a massive effort to keep within my stroke rate boundaries and kick out more power with the thighs. With help from the proffesional cox and Tim shouting "Come on Cazza" I pulled in my best ever time of 08:40.5. I finished 6th out of 10 Lightweight Master Women aged 30 - 39. I was very happy with my row. My next challenge is to go sub 08:30.

Chris raced 15 minutes later with Tim coxing armed with a whole bunch of unmentionable words of encouragement to motivate him. Chris pulled in an impresive time of 07:00.3 (he was gutted to miss out on a sub 7). He ranked 8th out of 11 Lightweight Senior Master Men aged 40 - 49.

We both really enjoyed this year's World Indoor Rowing Championships and felt part of Team GB because of the organisation of Kim and Pete (C2 Forum regulars) who e-mailed everybody with information, tips and advice before the event. During the Race day the majority of UK rowers all sat in the same part of the arena acompanied by a huge Union Jack and Royal Navy flag - it was good to share pre and post race stories with people who knew what you were going through.

Looking forward to WIRC 2012 - especially because there won't be a British Indoor Rowing Championship in 2011. Hope to see some of you there - start saving now.

Read about the Team GB WIRC experience here:



  1. Great stuff Caroline, I know how hard that must have been for you both! Maybe next year I can convince Karen to have a short break in the New World!

  2. Well done on the PB, Caroline. That's an excelllent improvement. I've registered for the next challenge but, once again, I'm going to miss the first few days - this time because we're on holiday. I've contacted the hotel we're staying in but they say they don't have a C2 in their gym :( I'll pack my log card just in case I can find one somewhere. Otherwise, I will put in a few metres when we're back.

  3. Thanks Mark and Ian. Yes it is definitely worth the trip to Bosotn - it was well organised and fun (if you can call it that).
    If you get a chance to go I would thoroughly recommend it for the atmosphere and getting a chance to enjoy Boston too.
    Ian - Chris and I always have difficulty tracking down C2 rowers in hotel gym's it is a pain. Just get stuck into the WEC2011 when you get back from your holiday.