Friday, 11 February 2011

Feb CTC Boat 1 floated

Quite a number of members have rowed the 30 minute session for the February Cross Team Challenge. We have 2 boats in the competition and have managed to get into the points rankings with Boat One because we have three heavyweight, one lightweight and one female rower.

I (Caroline) improved my previous 30 minute PB of 5909 metres in 2009 to 6293 metres today - I'm pretty happy with that.

16 pts
Empty the Tanks I 7647.8m
Mark Bower (H) 8318 metres
David Junta (H) 8031 metres
Richard Young (H) 7758 metres
Mick LeTourneaux (L) 7839 metres
Caroline Joynson (F) 6293 metres
55Empty the Tanks II6705.6m
Jim Moldenhauer (H) 6570 metres
Andrew Hewitt (L) 7634 metres
Kevin McLellan (L) 6183 metres


  1. Thanks - just had a gorgeous char grilled steak, broccoli and blue cheese celebratory meal in honour of my row. It went down a treat.

  2. Grats Caroline! That's a good position for us, and I might see if I can improve on my PB next week after rowing a 1hr PB today of 16,130m. I reckon that means my 30 mins was too slow.

  3. New distance posted - 7900m. Brings us to 20th place with 7676.2m!