Monday, 31 January 2011

Last day of the JVTC

January is always a long dark month, so to have 38 like-minded individuals making a daily commitment to row metres for the January Virtual Challenge is a very big deal - thank you Empty the Tanks team mates.

We should feel happy that we have kept our top 25 position out of 288 teams over the past 31 days (it looked touch-and-go at times) and we collectively rowed over 4,290,000 metres. We have just jumped up to 24th place as I am blogging - fingers crossed we stay there until midnight.
You all deserve a chilled out February.

For those still needing a challenge there's plenty of things to choose from:
  • February CTC - a 30 minute unrestricted row
  • February Valentine's Day Challenge - 9th - 14th February - row 14,000 metres
  • March Madness - 1st - 31st March - row 5,000 metres a day
  • The World Rowing Challenge (another team competition) 15th March 2011 - 15th April 2011


  1. I've roped in another colleague for the team - Ric. He's (currently!) very enthusiastic about the challenges (he'll learn!) and we both just did the CTC for this month. Both PBs, although it's the first Ric's done and in a more than respectable distance. Mine was a PB by 50m, which currently puts me 1 place above Pete M! I'm sure that won't last tho!

    I also see Mick put in a cracking lwt distance, so we might get a couple of boats floated this month, altho we struggle for females usually. Come on ladies!

  2. Hi Mark,
    I am very impressed with your CTC distances. I think I will give that one a go at the weekend. I am on the last 2 weeks of interval training and as you know it is lots of short interval sessions.

    We always seem to struggle to get the ladies interested in the CTC - the last few months I have been the only girl rowing, which means we can only ever float one boat. We were so close to getting two boats floated last month too - all we needed was a girl!

    All the best for the next CTC attempt.