Saturday, 8 January 2011

JVTC Day 7

At the end of week one we have dropped down to 25th position out of 236 teams - on an optimistic note that puts us in the top 10% in the world (of virtual indoor rowers).
27 team mates have signed up for the challenge and 23 have uploaded this week. We have rowed a total of 812,379 metres.
David J is at the top of the team today with over 68,000 metres - Well done David.


  1. My workouts have been erratic this week, what with PM3 issues and opening my bag at lunchtime in the work gym to find my wife's sparkly top instead of my gym vest!! Put in a 15k today though, and will do the same tomorrow, but doing sprint work in the week (with the odd 10k for the challenge series). Must do a 2min blast for the CTC too, although no one else has done that yet. Where is everyone these days?!

  2. Hi Mark,
    I was wondering where everyone is too! Only 2 people managed the CTC last month and I am yet to do my 2 minute blast yet.
    A number of our regular rowing haven't shown up on the radar for this challenge. I am hoping they will sign up soon - if not our top ten ambition may be a little optimistic for this team challenge.
    I would loved to have seen you wearing your wife's sparkly top for your work out.

  3. Perhaps if Mark promised to post a photo of him rowing in his wife's lovely sparkly top, we'd get some more participants for both the CTC and the JVTC. Just a thought.
    David J.