Sunday, 30 January 2011

JVTC Day 30

  • 25th position out of 288 teams
  • 4,040,705 metres in 30 days
  • Five team mates have rowed over 200k
  • Eleven have rowed over 100k
  • Twenty team mates have rowed between 9k - 98k
  • Pretty impressive stuff folks - only one more day to make things count
  • Keep rowing strong


  1. I shall hopefully row a final 10k tomorrow, and I have my new 2k PB to upload today of 6:29.7, which saw me finish 9th (by 3/10ths) at today's EIRC! I never thought I'd see sub-6:30 - now I'm wondering if sub 6:20 is possible!

  2. Great job Mark on your sub 6:30 2k!


  3. Wow...very nice job, Mark. Impressive.

  4. Excellent stuff Mark. Well done - what a great achievement getting 2 PB's so close together (BIRC, then EIRC).
    Enjoy a rest next week,


  5. I paddled out 18k to finish after a marathon yesterday 2:59:37.8 (always happy to break 3 hr for that one). Time for a short break & then I'll start working on some of the shorter distances. Looking forward to the CTC's & our next distance challenge! Let's all try to find more people to add to the team!


  6. Well done Mark! I'm all done for this challenge. Pleased to have passed 200k despite missing the first 10 days. Did my first ever half marathon yesterday to make up for missing Saturday. Have to say it was at a rather more sedate pace than Anselm's marathon! Also passed 1m metres for the season. Look forward to the next challenge.

  7. Great marathon time Andy, I've only ever done 1 and it was roughly the same as yours. I remember it being a killer, so don't forget to claim your free pin, it makes it all worth it!!

    As Caroline has said, it's a real month of challenges coming up. I think I might go for 500km in the WRC now that the event calendar is over for this year, who's with me?! And let's get some good times together and float some boats in the CTC!!