Monday, 3 January 2011

JVTC Day 3

We have put some significant numbers in today and have rowed over 280,000 metres.
18 members have uploaded metres over the past 3 days, although we are still in 22nd place out of 167 teams.

I am hoping for an influx of participants tomorrow when people get back to work and their regular routines. Fingers crossed that another 20+ Empty the Tanks team mates sign up for the JVTC on the 4th January. We could still get into the top ten if we continue our hard work.

Encourage friends and colleagues to join the team and start their New Year's fitness regime with us - it will definitely help motivate them to burn off the Christmas indulgences and keep New Year's resolutions.

The top 5 Empty the Tanks team mates are:

1 Andy Soyring 36,909
2 John Fewtrell 25,000
3 Kevin Ford 24,642
4 David Junta 23,611
5 Mark Bower 20,697

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