Thursday, 20 January 2011

JVTC Day 20

24th position again and still going strong in the top 25. We have rowed 2,786,377 metres.
Mick is still the leader of the pack with over 200k, with David J very close behind.


  1. I just passed 7.5Mm with a 10km in 36:15.4, a new PB by 23s! That's a great entry for the challenge series and I'm looking good for EIRC! Keep rowing everyone!!

  2. Great stuff Mark. Keep rowing. There are only 11 days left of the competition (and 10 days until you compete in the EIRC).

  3. Well done, Mark. And thanks for your 2K warm-up suggestions. I found the following document in case you or anyone is interested: