Wednesday, 19 January 2011

JVTC Day 19

We have slipped down to 24th place, but we could regain it by the end of the day because there's only a couple of thousand metres between us and the Long Beach Rowing association in 23rd position.
We have 10 members in the exclusive 100k club, with Phil close behind with 95k. It looks like it will be a close race between Mick and David J to be first in the 200k club:

1 Mick LeTourneaux 192,509
2 David Junta 189,665
3 Andy Soyring 175,304
4 John Fewtrell 175,058
5 joseph coda 158,538
6 John Curtin 139,531
7 Mark Bower 112,190
8 Christiane Racette-White 107,506
9 Kevin Ford 102,625
10 Caroline Joynson 101,754

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