Thursday, 13 January 2011

JVTC Day 13 plus a new team mate

We have a dedicated new team mate who has rowed over 100k this January - John C, 62 from Australia.
The 1974 photograph is of John rowing Sydney Harbour (he is in seat number five and all the rest are his brothers). Welcome to the team John. How about asking the rest of your brothers to join Empty the Tanks?

We are still in 27th position out of 280 teams. We have rowed over one and a half million metres in 13 days.

The 100k club has now got 5 members and Joe C is close behind with 98k.

1 David Junta 130,409
2 John Fewtrell 122,558
3 Andy Soyring 121,323
4 Mark Bower 100,618
5 John Curtin 100,423

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to John. This is so frustrating. I've managed to put in a few metres but very gingerly as my ankle's still not 100%. I know I'd be up there with th 100k+ people if I was fit and we'd be a few places up in the standings. Maybe I should take up my wife's suggestion and pack in 5-a-side - but then again...