Wednesday, 12 January 2011

JVTC Day 12

One of our newest team mates Paul has a blog about his fitness goals, click on this link to read all about it:
We have slipped down to 27th place today which is a little disappointing considering the hard work of the team. David, Andy and John are all in the 100k+ club with the rest of the team playing catch-up. Bryon has signed up today and contributed 10k.
12 days in and 373,575 metres rowed. Lets try and get back into the top 25 tomorrow.


  1. Tried another 2' piece; this one after warmup at the beginning of my workout. Think I need to do some squats & cleans to sharpen up.


  2. I can't believe we were hoping for top 10 but are slipping down the top 20! On a positive note for me I just noticed I passed the season 1M mark yesterday, and am feeling good for EIRC. But no BIRC this year, shocker!

  3. I am with you on that one Mark - I can't believe we are hoping for top 20 either. Well done on the 1 million this season. I quietly zipped past 4 million lifetime metres a month ago without really noticing.
    Only 2 more days left for extra team mates to sign up. Fingers crossed....