Saturday, 1 January 2011

January CTC

The challenge has been set by the Welsh team Taff Attack - it is called "the Taff Attack Two".
The best distance for a two minute row from a standing start. No pace restrictions.

The JVTC has started well with John F at the top of the team with 10,000 metres and David J just behind him with 6,500 metres. Chris and I will post some metres after a bike ride into London to see the New Year's Day parade.

Empty the Tanks is two years old today - so Happy Birthday to us.
Have a virtual drink on me.



  1. I just rowed a Half Marathon only for my PM3 to cut out with 400m to go, so my effort today is my best estimate based on my last seen average pace of 1:59.1. You cannot underestimate how annoyed I am right now!!

  2. Mark,

    That is very annoying. I cant believe your PM3 is still cutting out on you. Chris and I did a 15 mile round trip into London and back to Putney this afternoon. We did a modest C2 row each when we returned - I did my row as soon as I got in to the flat because I was freezing cold and wet (of course it rained).