Monday, 31 January 2011

Last day of the JVTC

January is always a long dark month, so to have 38 like-minded individuals making a daily commitment to row metres for the January Virtual Challenge is a very big deal - thank you Empty the Tanks team mates.

We should feel happy that we have kept our top 25 position out of 288 teams over the past 31 days (it looked touch-and-go at times) and we collectively rowed over 4,290,000 metres. We have just jumped up to 24th place as I am blogging - fingers crossed we stay there until midnight.
You all deserve a chilled out February.

For those still needing a challenge there's plenty of things to choose from:
  • February CTC - a 30 minute unrestricted row
  • February Valentine's Day Challenge - 9th - 14th February - row 14,000 metres
  • March Madness - 1st - 31st March - row 5,000 metres a day
  • The World Rowing Challenge (another team competition) 15th March 2011 - 15th April 2011

Sunday, 30 January 2011

JVTC Day 30

  • 25th position out of 288 teams
  • 4,040,705 metres in 30 days
  • Five team mates have rowed over 200k
  • Eleven have rowed over 100k
  • Twenty team mates have rowed between 9k - 98k
  • Pretty impressive stuff folks - only one more day to make things count
  • Keep rowing strong

JVTC Day 29

I can't believe after rowing a total of 3,977,254 metres we have slipped down to 25th place. Let's hope all members Empty the Tanks tomorrow to push the team back up the rankings.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Good Luck

A big good luck message goes out to two Empty the Tanks team mates who have been training for competitions that take place this weekend:

David J is competing in the Mile High Sprints in Colorado, USA on Saturday - hope the knee and hip hold up, I am sure you will give it your best shot.

Mark B will be rowing at the EIRC (English Indoor Rowing Championships) in Manchester, UK at 09:30 on Sunday - all the best for a PB.

JVTC Day 28

Collectively we have rowed over 3,900,000 metres during the past 28 days - excellent work team.
We are still in 24th place but we have the weekend to make a difference - could we regain 23rd place by Sunday?

Thursday, 27 January 2011

JVTC Day 27

The team have maintained a stronghold on 24th position for another day and have rowed a total of 3,749,401 metres.
Only four days left of the JVTC 2011 and we are a measly 50k behind the Long Beach Rowing Association - keep rowing strong and we might sneak past them into 23rd place.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

JVTC Day 26

Still residing in 24th position with 3,623,390 metres.
Mike has hit 300k, Joe, Andy, John F and David J are up there with over 200k and the following team mates have rowed over 100k: John, Kev, Ian, Caroline, Phil, Christiane, Mark, Jean and Chris.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Girl team mate needed for Jan CTC

Nine team mates have rowed the January Cross Team Challenge of two minutes. We only need one girl to contribute and we will have two boats in the points rankings:

30 pts
Empty the Tanks I 594.8m
Mark Bower (H)
David Junta (H)
Andy Soyring (H)
Andrew Hewitt (L)
Caroline Joynson (F)

69Empty the Tanks II553.2m
SimonColeman (H)
Ian Clegg (H)
Mick LeTourneaux (L)
Kevin McLellan (L)

JVTC Day 25

After 25 days of commitment, sweat and in some cases tears we are still holding onto a top 25 position. The Long Beach Rowing Association are only 30k in front of us - we should try to knock them down and regain 23rd place tomorrow by rowing an extra 500 metres each?!
Total metres so far: 3,519,579
position: 24/288 teams

Monday, 24 January 2011

JVTC Day 24

Despite collectively rowing over 200k since yesterday those pesky guys at the Long Beach Rowing Association have pushed us down to 24th place. We have rowed 3,428,596 metres. Let's try for a few more extra metres tomorrow to regain 23rd place.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

JVTC Day 23

If we keep up the pace, we are on track to stay in the top 25 for the rest of the competition. With only 8 days left we need to make sure we keep rowing strong.
Total metres rowed are: 3,259,254 metres and we are still in 23rd position out of 288 teams.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

JVTC Day 22

23/288 teams - not bad going. 36 Empty the Tanks team mates have rowed an average of 82k over the past 3 weeks with a total on day 22 of the JVTC of 3,129,019 metres.
Andy S has almost reached 19 million lifetime metres during this challenge - very impressive rowing.

Friday, 21 January 2011

JVTC Day 21

Three weeks into the challenge and we are still in the top 25 with over three million metres.
We have a strong cohort of rowers who are in the 100k club and several elite team mates in the 200k club. Well done to ALL contributors to this challenge so far:

1 Mick LeTourneaux 231,547
2 David Junta 230,562
3 John Fewtrell 202,558
4 Andy Soyring 201,636
5 joseph coda 171,752
6 Kevin Ford 158,823
7 John Curtin 152,245
8 Mark Bower 122,190
9 Caroline Joynson 111,863
10 Christiane Racette-White 107,506
11 Ian Clegg 107,495
12 Phil Venables 105,540

Thursday, 20 January 2011

JVTC Day 20

24th position again and still going strong in the top 25. We have rowed 2,786,377 metres.
Mick is still the leader of the pack with over 200k, with David J very close behind.

3 team mates needed for Jan CTC

Seven members of Empty the Tanks have rowed the two minute Cross Team Challenge. We need three more rowers to fill Boat Two.

To get involved follow the link to read all about it

24 pts
Empty the Tanks I 593.6m
Mark Bower (H) 656 metres
David Junta (H) 605 metres
Andy Soyring (H) 604 metres
Andrew Hewitt (L) 623 metres
Caroline Joynson (F) 480 metres

62Empty the Tanks II539.5m
Mick LeTourneaux (L) 574 metres
Kevin McLellan (L) 505 metres

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

JVTC Day 19

We have slipped down to 24th place, but we could regain it by the end of the day because there's only a couple of thousand metres between us and the Long Beach Rowing association in 23rd position.
We have 10 members in the exclusive 100k club, with Phil close behind with 95k. It looks like it will be a close race between Mick and David J to be first in the 200k club:

1 Mick LeTourneaux 192,509
2 David Junta 189,665
3 Andy Soyring 175,304
4 John Fewtrell 175,058
5 joseph coda 158,538
6 John Curtin 139,531
7 Mark Bower 112,190
8 Christiane Racette-White 107,506
9 Kevin Ford 102,625
10 Caroline Joynson 101,754

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

JVTC Day 18

Unfortunately I imagined extra metres for the team yesterday - I am putting it down to mid-competition fatigue. I also bestowed false praise on the one and only John D who did NOT upload an overnight 100k - whoops
Today we are in 23rd position and have rowed two and a half million metres in 18 days.
Keep rowing strong. If we row some extra metres each day we could take the Flying Dutchmen who are in 22nd position.

Monday, 17 January 2011

JVTC Day 17

We have had the best day of the competition to date, an improvement of 200k since yesterday and we have moved up to 23rd position with 2,338,332 metres. The jump to 23rd place may have something to do with John D's overnight upload of over 100k - good work John.
Jean has achieved 4 million lifetime metres during the challenge which is very impressive indeed - excellent work Jean.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Boat one floated in the CTC rankings

Mick has rowed a very impressive 567 metres in two minutes. We are currently ranked in 25th place out of 63 boats and have earned 14 points for the team - Thanks Mick.

14 pts
Empty the Tanks I 582.4m
Mark Bower (H)
David Junta (H)
Andy Soyring (H)
Mick LeTourneaux (L)
Caroline Joynson (F)

JVTC Day 16

We are holding on to 24th place with 2,118,265 metres. The top ten team mates are:
1 David Junta 156,989
2 Andy Soyring 145,109
3 John Fewtrell 142,951
4 Mick LeTourneaux 127,571
5 joseph coda 118,932
6 John Curtin 113,583
7 Mark Bower 100,618
8 Kevin Ford 94,569
9 Darren Whetton 86,281
10 Caroline Joynson 85,188

Saturday, 15 January 2011

One team mate needed for CTC

Four members have rowed the January Cross Team Challenge two minute session. We need one more rower so we can float Boat One in the points rankings.

41Empty the Tanks I586.2m
Mark Bower (H) 656 metres
David Junta (H) 605 metres
Andy Soyring (H) 604 metres
Caroline Joynson (L) 480 metres

JVTC Day 15

Nearly two million metres into the competition and we are going strong. We have jumped up to 24th position out of 287 teams. A last minute entry from Matt S has pushed the team members for the JVTC to 37.
Keep up the great work team mates, we are nearing the half-way point soon and then we are on the homeward stretch.
The 100k+ club has now got seven members: David J, Andy S, John F, Mick, John C, Joe C and Mark.

Friday, 14 January 2011

JVTC Day 14 and more team mates

Another two team mates have joined the team:

, 39 from Australia (who I suspect is a relation of our new team mate John C)
Mick, 47 from the USA who has brought 127k with him - great stuff

We have rowed 1,822,321 metres and moved two places up the rankings into 25th place out of 285 teams - Wahoooo

Thursday, 13 January 2011

JVTC Day 13 plus a new team mate

We have a dedicated new team mate who has rowed over 100k this January - John C, 62 from Australia.
The 1974 photograph is of John rowing Sydney Harbour (he is in seat number five and all the rest are his brothers). Welcome to the team John. How about asking the rest of your brothers to join Empty the Tanks?

We are still in 27th position out of 280 teams. We have rowed over one and a half million metres in 13 days.

The 100k club has now got 5 members and Joe C is close behind with 98k.

1 David Junta 130,409
2 John Fewtrell 122,558
3 Andy Soyring 121,323
4 Mark Bower 100,618
5 John Curtin 100,423

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

JVTC Day 12

One of our newest team mates Paul has a blog about his fitness goals, click on this link to read all about it:
We have slipped down to 27th place today which is a little disappointing considering the hard work of the team. David, Andy and John are all in the 100k+ club with the rest of the team playing catch-up. Bryon has signed up today and contributed 10k.
12 days in and 373,575 metres rowed. Lets try and get back into the top 25 tomorrow.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

JVTC Day 11

Day 11 and we have dropped to 26th place with 1,263,899 metres.
We have been joined by Peter Y who has contributed 8k.

The top ten team mates are:
1 David Junta 122,408
2 Andy Soyring 112,786
3 John Fewtrell 101,020
4 joseph coda 79,234
5 Mark Bower 65,618
6 Christiane Racette-White 62,001
7 Caroline Joynson 61,445
8 Kevin Ford 58,184
9 Chris Venables 56,991
10 Jim Moldenhauer 54,993

Monday, 10 January 2011

JVTC Day 10

We have fallen back into 25th place in the rankings with 1,181,101 metres. The top three team mates are doing really well - especially Andy who has reached 100k.
1 Andy Soyring 100,197
2 David Junta 93,755
3 John Fewtrell 91,020

2 rowers in the CTC

Mark rowed a very impressive 2 minute session yesterday, meaning we have two rowers in Boat one for the January CTC.
Three more Empty the Tanks team mates need to step up so we can float the boat and get into the rankings.

37Empty the Tanks I565.5m
Mark Bower (H) 656 metres
Caroline Joynson (L) 475 metres

Sunday, 9 January 2011

JVTC Day 9

We have jumped back up to 24th place and a number of regular team mates have joined the challenge - great to have you on board (again) John, Alan and Karen.
Today we surpassed the one million mark with a total of: 1, 093,589
David J has reclaimed pole position with over 93k.
Keep rowing strong and don't forget to nag those team mates who haven't already signed up to put in some metres.

The youngest team mate

We have a new team mate, Tom from the USA and he is our youngest at 16. He has already rowed 15k during the JVTC. Welcome to the team Tom.

The first January CTC

I rowed the January Cross Team Challenge this morning after a good warm up. The unfortunate thing was I forget to strap my feet it, so the 2 minute blast wasn't as productive as I'd want it to be. I managed to knock out 475 metres at a pace of 2:06. I will try another one later in the month.

41Empty the Tanks I475m
Caroline Joynson (L)

Saturday, 8 January 2011

JVTC Day 8

Still in 25th place with 949,831 metres.
Andy is back at the top of the team again after an impressive upload of 30k since yesterday. Christiane is the highest ranking female in the team right now with over 62k.
Keep up the great work team.

JVTC Day 7

At the end of week one we have dropped down to 25th position out of 236 teams - on an optimistic note that puts us in the top 10% in the world (of virtual indoor rowers).
27 team mates have signed up for the challenge and 23 have uploaded this week. We have rowed a total of 812,379 metres.
David J is at the top of the team today with over 68,000 metres - Well done David.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

JVTC Day 6

We have managed to hold onto our 24th position today after a frightening slump to 25th place earlier in the day.
21 out of the 26 rowers who have signed up for the challenge have uploaded metres with a total of 651,454.
John F stormed to the top of the leader board today with 57k, only to be trumped by Kev F who managed 1k extra.
Keep up the hard work team. Week one is nearly over.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

JVTC Day 5

I hope that we get some more Empty the Tanks regulars signing up for the JVTC over the next couple of days otherwise a top ten position may look a bit optimistic.
Encourage friends, family and work colleagues to join in the the C2 madness and help the team move up the rankings because unfortunately we have dropped to 24th place out of 217 teams.
On a positive note, we have clocked up over half a million metres in 5 days. The total stands at: 542,319 metres.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

JVTC Day 4 and a new team mate

We are still in 22nd place out of 206 teams. A few more Empty the Tanks team mates have uploaded metres and we also have a new team mate Paul J, 31 from Switzerland (I think). Welcome to the team Paul.

445,173 metres in 4 days - not bad going team.

Monday, 3 January 2011

JVTC Day 3

We have put some significant numbers in today and have rowed over 280,000 metres.
18 members have uploaded metres over the past 3 days, although we are still in 22nd place out of 167 teams.

I am hoping for an influx of participants tomorrow when people get back to work and their regular routines. Fingers crossed that another 20+ Empty the Tanks team mates sign up for the JVTC on the 4th January. We could still get into the top ten if we continue our hard work.

Encourage friends and colleagues to join the team and start their New Year's fitness regime with us - it will definitely help motivate them to burn off the Christmas indulgences and keep New Year's resolutions.

The top 5 Empty the Tanks team mates are:

1 Andy Soyring 36,909
2 John Fewtrell 25,000
3 Kevin Ford 24,642
4 David Junta 23,611
5 Mark Bower 20,697

Two new team mates

We have been joined by two new rowers:

Kevin F, 53 from the UK and Peter P, 36 from the USA. Welcome to the team and good luck with the rest of the challenge. Thanks for your metres so far.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

JVTC Day 2

Quite a few more Empty the Tanks team mates have signed up for the challenge (we are now at 21 members) and lots more have uploaded metres today. We are in 22nd place out of 138 teams today. The leader of the team at the moment is Andy with over 24k. Mark, John, Bill and Jim have all rowed over 14k in the past 2 days - excellent stuff guys.

Total so far: 148,570 metres.
Keep up the good work and row strong.

Andy Soyring 24,983
Mark Bower 20,697
John Fewtrell 20,000
Bill Durnil 15,028
Jim Moldenhauer 14,812
Chris Venables 10,077
Caroline Joynson 10,000
Phil Venables 10,000
David Junta 6,500
Jacqui Lewis 6,400
keith lewis 5,073
Lance Peters 5,000

Saturday, 1 January 2011

JVTC Day 1

We have finished the day in 21st position out of 94 teams.
Seven members have rowed 57,294 metres, the bulk of which can be attributed to Mark B who put in a half marathon today.
19 Empty the Tanks team mates have signed up for the challenge so far.

1 Mark Bower 20,697
2 John Fewtrell 10,000
3 David Junta 6,500
4 Chris Venables 5,077
5 Caroline Joynson 5,000
6 Lance Peters 5,000
7 Phil Venables 5,000

January CTC

The challenge has been set by the Welsh team Taff Attack - it is called "the Taff Attack Two".
The best distance for a two minute row from a standing start. No pace restrictions.

The JVTC has started well with John F at the top of the team with 10,000 metres and David J just behind him with 6,500 metres. Chris and I will post some metres after a bike ride into London to see the New Year's Day parade.

Empty the Tanks is two years old today - so Happy Birthday to us.
Have a virtual drink on me.