Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a fabulous New Years Eve!

Tomorrow is the first day of the January Virtual Team Challenge so you'll need to get reacquainted with your rowing machine after an enjoyable Christmas break. There is still time to sign up if you haven't already. Go to the team tab on your online logbook and click on the current challenge to join 25 Empty the Tanks team mates in the JVTC 2012.

Dig out your gym clothes, dust off the C2 and line up some of your favourite music to help clock up the metres and burn off the Christmas indulgences on the first day of 2012.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas bike ride around Richmond Park

Chris and I met up with Edward J at 10.30 this morning for a brisk bike ride around Richmond Park. We had an early detour via the coffee van in the first half an hour of the ride then did two laps of the park. The weather changed more often than the number of helpings of turkey at Christmas with sunshine, dark clouds, rain and lots of strong winds. I was very disappointed that we didn't see Fenton the dog (if you missed December's most watched Youtube hit check it out here: Fenton).

Le Tour de Richmond Park finished with another hot drink and chat in the cafe. We discussed the imminent January Team Challenge and training programs for the English and British Indoor Rowing Championships in eight and fifteen weeks respectively.

There is a good interactive training program available on the C2 website:

Chris and I have used this in the past and I know that fellow team mates Mark and Ric have followed the C2 plan for the Grimsby Indoor Rowing Championships (where they gained medals!).

There is still time to sign up for the English and British Indoor Rowing Championships. If you haven't already entered - why not make it a New Year's Resolution to compete?

The following team mates have already signed up:

EIRC 12th February 2012 = Caroline, Chris and Mark
WIRC 19th February 2012 = Caroline and Chris (maybe)
BIRC 25th March 2012= Mark, Ric, Del, Chris, Caroline and Edward J

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

WIRC 2012

15th January 2012 is the deadline for online registration for the 2012 World Indoor Rowing Championships (CRASH-B's) in Boston, USA on 19th February.

Follow this link to enter:

Any entrants from the UK and Ireland will get their entry fee paid by C2UK - you just need to select to pay by cheque on the CRASH-B website then e-mail C2UK at this address:

For competitors in the USA and elsewhere the entry fee is $25.00.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

EIRC 2012

For those of you who want to enter the English Indoor Rowing Championships on February 12th at the Manchester Velodrome the deadline for entry is 20th January 2012.

Entry costs £12. Follow this link for the entry form:

Send your entry form and entry fee, made payable to ‘Hollingworth Lake Rowing Club’ to:

EIRC, 51 Featherstall Road, Littleborough, Rochdale OL15 8JJ (Don't use registered post).

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas Everbody!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Holiday Challenge 2011

While most people around the world are frantically wrapping presents, preparing turkey's and peeling sprouts; Empty the Tanks team mates are rowing the final metres for the Holiday Challenge 2011 (and THEN wrapping, peeling, roasting and cleaning)!

An impressive number of ETT'ers completed the 200k as well as the 100k challenge; here are the results:

The exclusive 200k club

Todor 253,473
Pieter 250,000
Bill D 230,325
Christiane 208,782
Andy H 200,679
Mark B 200,216
Andy S 200,039

The 100k club

Caroline 185,723
Teodora 177,736
David J 168,235
David B 149,448
Kim B 141,825
Joe C 135,782
Phil 131,245
Jean 123,000
Ric 118,402
John F 105,000
Bill 102,655
John G 101,542
Edward 101,500
Jim 100,125

Excellent work team mates - you all deserve a fantastic Christmas and relaxing New Year.

See you all for the January Virtual Team Challenge 2012!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Only five days left for the Holiday Challenge

Excellent work from loads of team mates who have already reached the 100,000 metres requirement for the Holiday Challenge 2011!

Here's the dream team:

1. Bill D 213,687
2. Pieter 210,000
3. Todor 202,594
4. Andy S 200,039
5. Christiane 176,426
6. Andy H 165,679
7. David J 152,730
8. Mark B 145,205
9. Teodora 143,999
10. Kim B 128,825
11. Joe C 114,732
12. Caroline 110,528
13. David B 109,932
14. Jean C 106,000
15. John F 105,000

Saturday, 17 December 2011

One million season metres

Several more team mates have reached one million metres this rowing season. The Holiday Challenge has definitely given team mates extra incentive to put in those extra metres over the last few weeks.

Congratulations to the following ETT'ers:

Hector 1,481,787
Andy S 1,200,253
John F 1,100,00
David J 1,094,747
Phil 1,038,203
Mark 1,029,420
John G 1,020,903
David B 1,010,484

Friday, 16 December 2011

One more rower needed for Dec CTC

We have nearly floated boat two into the points rankings because Mark, Ric, John G and David J have uploaded their times for the 5k downhill interval session. There has been some shifting of bums on seats, so some of you have been booted out into boats two and three:

7 pts
Empty the Tanks I 19:30.0
Mark Bower (H) 17:22.6
Richard Young (H) 17:40.6
John Giles (H) 18:43.5
Mick LeTourneaux (L) 19:24.7
Caroline Joynson (F) 24:19.0

47Empty the Tanks II20:04.9
David Junta (H) 18:46.1
edward jackson (H) 19:14.6
Ian Clegg (H) 19:23.5
Chris Venables (L) 22:55.6

50Empty the Tanks III21:52.0
Jim Moldenhauer (H) 21:52.0

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dec CTC boat one floated

We have got the first boat floated in this months Cross Team Challenge. So far six teams mates have tackled the 5k downhill interval session. It is pretty intense - definitely load up on protein shakes and high energy food before you try this one (just make sure it has plenty of time to settle unlike my eggs and sausages during my rowing session this morning).

We need four more team mates to get their teeth into the December challenge so we can float boat two before Santa makes his appearance.

3 pts
Empty the Tanks I 20:55.2
John Giles (H) 18:43.5
edward jackson (H) 19:14.6
Ian Clegg (H) 19:23.5
Chris Venables (L) 22:56.6
Caroline Joynson (F) 24:19.0

41Empty the Tanks II21:52.0
Jim Moldenhauer (H) 21:52.6

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

New team mate and Holiday Challenge 2011 update

First of all a big welcome to Teodora from Istanbul. She has recently joined Empty the Tanks and has already signed up for the January Virtual Team Challenge 2012, she is also in the top ten for the most metres rowed in the current individual C2 challenge. I hope you enjoy rowing with the ETT'ers.
The top ten team mates in the Holiday Challenge 2011 are:

1. Pieter 110,000m
2. Bill D 105,709m
3. Todor 85,000m
4. Andy S 77,096m
5. David J 75,926m
6. Andy H 75,071m
7. Teodora 66,707m
8. Kim B 65,097m
9. John F 65,000m
10. Joe C 62,256m

Keep up the good work people.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Bronze, SB and PB at Cardiff

Mark and Del competed at the Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships on Saturday 3rd December in Cardiff.

Del pulled in a great 2k row and got a Bronze medal for his pain! Congratulations on behalf of all ETT'ers.

Mark entered the 2k and the 500m race. He got his Second Best (SB) time for the 2k 6:25.1 and manged a PB of 1:24.3 for the 500m race afterwards. Impressive stuff.

Read more about the WIRC on Mark's blog

Thursday, 1 December 2011

C2 Advent Calendar

C2 have created a Christmas advent calendar which has a different work-out of the day and a different offer on products from the online C2 shop.
Check it out here:

Nobody has been able to upload the December CTC yet because the site is still displaying the November Challenge.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

December CTC and Challenge Series

The December Cross Team Challenge has been set by David Lloyd Gidea Park.
It's a downhill 5km = 2km, 1.5km, 1km, 500m with 1 minute rests.
No stroke rate restrictions. First rep from standing start.
Record time taken for the 5km do not include the 3 minutes of rest in total time.

Round 4 of the Challenge Series is also 5,000 metres distance, but must be completed without rests (i.e. you will not be able to enter your time from the CTC for the Challenge Series as well).

Sunday, 27 November 2011

January Virtual Team Challenge 2012

The JVTC12 is open for business.

Sign up for the gut-busting, Christmas-pudding blasting, turkey trimming indoor rowing challenge and start 2012 off in style (and sweat).

This will be the fourth time Empty the Tanks have participated in this event and we want to make it an historical occasion by beating our Fall Rowing Challenge position of 8th out of 280 teams. Are you with me folks?

The following members have already signed up:

Jane Wong
Ian Clegg
Caroline Joynson
Todor Petrov
Richard Young

Andy H's Charity Row

As part of the C2 holiday challenge Andy H has decided to raise money for Teach Africa who work in Nairobi slums to educate children.

If you would like to support Andy H in his 200k challenge follow the link to his fundraising page

All the best for your indoor rowing challenge Andy!

One million season metres

Congratulations to the following team mates who have recently clocked up one million metres during the 2011 - 2012 season. Excellent work guys!

Hector 1,383,649 metres
Andy S 1,038,389 metres
John F 1,010,00 metres

Thursday, 24 November 2011

C2 Holiday Challenge 2011

First of all I must apologise for the lack of blogging recently due to illness - I have been suffering from a serious chest and throat infection which lasted for just under two weeks. I completely lost my voice in the first few days which was frustrating for me and apparently bliss for Chris V (he won't elaborate any further on the matter).

Enough about me, back to the erging. Here is one for any ETT'ers who are missing a bit of motivation - the Holiday Challenge starts today.
  • Row and/or ski 100,000 meters or 200,000 metres from November 24 to 11:59 p.m. ET December 24.
  • You do not need to be on a team to participate! Log your individual metres.
  • Indoor rower and SkiErg metres only (no on water/on snow metres please). You can combine metres from each machine to reach the challenge goal.
  • Kid's Holiday Challenge allows kids (aged 16 and under) to participate at 50,000 metres.
  • Adaptive athletes can choose to participate at the 50k, 100k, or 200k levels.
  • Deadline for entering metres: January 4th, 2012.
To all our team mates in the USA
Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Sunday, 20 November 2011

More row the Nov CTC

We have a couple more people to congratulate for rowing this months Cross Team Challenge of 4 x 200m 1 minute rest. We just need a lightweight and female rower to complete boat two.

15 pts
Empty the Tanks I 2:38.1
Mark Bower (H) 2:16.8
Joe Donar (H) 2:19.7
Richard Young (H) 2:21.5
Chris Benson (L) 2:54.3
Caroline Joynson (F) 3:18.5

51Empty the Tanks II 2:32.2
David Junta (H) 2:27.1
Ian Clegg (H) 2:33.0
edward jackson (H) 2:36.6

Sunday, 13 November 2011

C2 greetings from Singapore

Matt S is enjoying a fantastic holiday in Singapore and couldn't resist making us all jealous by capturing this shot. The gym at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is on the 55th floor and has this stunning view across the bay.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Another Gold for Mark

Mark not only achieved a personal best time by 3 seconds at Newark (2k 6:22.8) but was awarded a Gold medal too. All that training and hard work has really paid off Mark.
Congratulations on behalf of all Empty the Tanks team mates - the beers are on us.

Good Luck for Newark IRC

Mark has continued his C2 training plan from the Indoor Rowing Competition in Grimsby last month for the Newark IRC today.
I hope he managed to pull in a good time after all that hard work. I am looking forward to hearing about how he got on; visit Mark's Rowing blog for more in-depth commentary about his performance

Friday, 11 November 2011

Challenge Series random prize

I received this e-mail from C2 on Thursday:

"Congratulations, your name has been drawn at random as the winner of 2nd prize from Round 1 of this year’s Concept2 Challenge Series".

The prize is a £75 gift voucher that I can spend in the C2 shop - pretty good going!
If you keep rowing and participate in things then sometimes good things happen and having a bit of luck helps too.

What do you think I should get from the C2 shop?

Boat one floated in November CTC

Yahoo, nearly two weeks into the November Cross Team Challenge we have floated boat one into the points rankings.

13 pts
Empty the Tanks I 2:40.8
Mark Bower (H) 2:16.8
Richard Young (H) 2:21.5
Ian Clegg (H) 2:33.0
Chris Benson (L) 2:54.3
Caroline Joynson (F) 3:18.5

48Empty the Tanks II 2:36.6
edward jackson (H) 2:36.6

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Team mate meat up

We had planned to cycle around Richmond Park this weekend because Edward was visiting London - a Tour de Richmond Park par deux - but the weather was forecast to be a bit dull and drizzly. We scrapped the bike tour in favour of a hearty lunch at ETT head-quarters in Putney.

As it turned out the weather would have been OK for a bike ride but I don't think we were that bothered after Chris cooked up a fabulous feast of food.
On the menu was dry-aged sirloin steak, roasted goats cheese, spinach and rocket salad. The dessert was amazing; a Chris specialty of freshly baked chocolate cake made with Willie's organic artisan cocao .

It was great to see Edward again and it was a delightful way to spend the afternoon. If any other team mates visit London, please e-mail or leave a message on the blog and we can arrange to meet up.

On the subject of food and team mate gatherings I have a message from Andy S from Chicago, 'He says if any ETT'er are in his area he would love to show them the best rib joint in town'.

November CTC

Edward, Ian and myself have rowed the November CTC 4 x 200m with 1 min rest set by the Banana Boat team.

I quite enjoyed it which is unusual for me because I don't normally like short interval sessions. The one minute rest gives you just enough time to swig some water and then do some slow rowing (active rest) until the next interval. I posted 3:22.0 on Saturday and managed to shave 3.5 seconds off today with 3:18.5.

To float boat one into the points rankings we need two more team mates to tackle this cheeky little number .

37Empty the Tanks I 2:49.3
Ian Clegg (H) 2:33.0
edward jackson (H) 2:36.6
Caroline Joynson (L) 3:18.5

Friday, 4 November 2011

Last call for FTC11 t-shirt orders

Last week I e-mailed all team mates who contributed 100k+ to the Fall Team Challenge about ETT t-shirt sizes. Half of the qualifying team mates replied - I just need any last minute orders by next week so I can purchase the right sizes for you all.

I am hand screen-printing the t-shirts - so I will be a busy bee over the next few weeks. The following team mates will be sporting their ETT t-shirts just in time for the JVTC 2012.
  • Ric
  • David B
  • David J
  • Andy S
  • Jim M
  • Andy H
  • Karine
  • Joe C
  • Del
  • Pieter
  • Mark
  • Ian
  • Karri
  • Jean
  • John G
  • Darren
  • Edward

Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Hope you have all had a great day full of tricky treats.

Well done to the following members of the Skeleton Crew 2011 for rowing 31k or more between the 25th - 31st October:

Andy Soyring 81,045
David Bass 46,093
Richard Young 44,859
Derek Kyme 43,638
John Fewtrell 41,000
Kevin Sharp 40,487
Mark Bower 38,064
Phil Venables 34,105
Jean Curran 32,000
John Giles 31,905
joseph coda 31,660
hector m guerrero villa 31,617
Caroline Joynson 31,426
Peter Yeeles 31,164

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Skeleton Crew 2011

With only one day of the Skeleton Crew 2011 left, how many of you will meet the (not so) scary challenge of 31k?
The competition started on the 25th October and finishes on Monday 31st October. So far the following team mates have qualified for their certificate and mention on the honour board:

Andy Soyring 60,058
Kevin Sharp 33,467
Richard Young 32,340
John Giles 31,905
Derek Kyme 31,110
David Bass 31,093

November CTC and Challenge Series

The November sessions are:
  • Cross Team Challenge has been set by Banana Boat = 4 x 200m x 1 min active rest per set. The 1st set must be from a static start, the other 3 can be rolling. The time for the total 4 sets to count (800m)
Good luck with both challenges ETT'ers.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

What a mug!

For the first 150 people who signed up for the BIRC C2 have sent out a lovely mug. Chris and I got them during the week. Has anybody else got their mug yet?

Only two days left for the CTC and the Challenge Series

For those team mates who have entered the 2012 Series Challenge the deadline for the mile row 1,609m is 1st November.

The 500m Cross Team Challenge set by the Forum Flyers closes on Monday 31st October.
20 members have all completed the short, sharp row. We need six more ETT'ers to get on the C2 by the end of All Hallows Eve to get all four boats in the points rankings.

35 pts
Empty the Tanks I 1:37.1
Mark Bower (H) 1:25.2
Richard Young (H) 1:28.7
Joe Donar (H) 1:29.3
Chris Venables (L) 1:41.9
Caroline Joynson (F) 2:00.4

25 pts
Empty the Tanks II 1:40.6
Duncan Murray (H) 1:30.2
Matthew Smith (H) 1:33.7
Andrew Hewitt (H) 1:34.3
Chris Benson (L) 1:42.9
Becky Walker (F) 2:02.0

65Empty the Tanks III 1:36.5
John Giles (H) 1:35.0
David Junta (H) 1:35.1
Ian Clegg (H) 1:39.6

71Empty the Tanks IV 1:42.7
edward jackson (H) 1:42.7

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Meeting a team mate in the USA

Knowing I would be on holiday in New York during the half term holiday I arranged to meet up with a fellow team mate Gordon F who lives in Connecticut, 50 minutes train ride out of Manhattan. Gordon is an old work colleague and University mate of Chris V's and has been a member of Empty the Tanks for a number of years.

On Saturday 22nd October Chris V, Karen V and myself set out on the New Hampshire track to Stamford where Gordon met us at the station and drove us to Greenwich where he lives. We had a great time chilling out with his family and were treated to a huge BBQ because the weather was lovely and warm.

Gordon keeps his C2 in the garage for work-outs but says when the weather gets a bit cooler he will move it into the basement. He is raring to go for the January Virtual Team Challenge 2012 already.

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Location:New York

Skeleton Crew 2011

I haven't had chance to blog recently because I am on holiday in New York City. Unfortunately the hotel I am staying in doesn't have a C2 or any type of erg so I won't be able to contribute to this year's Skeleton Crew competition. It is an individual challenge, row 31,000 metres between the 25th -31st October for a certificate and a mention on the honour board list.

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Location:New York

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Congratulations to Mark and Ric

Mark and Ric sure did Empty the Tanks at Grimsby Indoor Rowing Championships today.

Mark powered his way to a Gold medal in the mile (1609 metres) race and then went on to receive a Bronze medal in the 300 metres.

Ric smashed his Mile PB and took a podium place with a Silver medal - Impressive stuff from the ETT'ers!

Mark = 1,609m = 5:04.1 = Gold medal
Mark = 300m = 48.7 = Bronze medal
Ric = 1,609m = 5:12.6 = Silver medal

Follow the link to read more about Mark and Ric's Grimsby adventure on Mark's Rowing Blog.

FTC11 Final Day

It has been a loooooong competition and we have worked hard to maintain our twelfth place position over the past 31 days.

45 team mates signed up for the challenge and 42 team mates contributed metres towards the total of 6,291,411 metres - an average of 139,809 metres per person.

A big thank you to all team mates who have contributed metres for the FTC11.
26 team mates qualified for their team t-shirt by rowing over 100k during the competition:

1 Karri Tuyls 510,808
2 Andy Soyring 453,529
3 David Junta 348,482
4 Derek Kyme 341,000
5 Bill St.Louis 321,738
6 John Fewtrell 270,000
7 Eddie Ventress 267,880
8 hector m guerrero villa 220,660
9 Mark Bower 211,641
10 Richard Young 208,947
11 Darren Whetton 205,992
12 John Giles 204,114
13 Ian Clegg 202,072
14 David Bass 200,154
15 Caroline Joynson 200,036
16 Phil Venables 185,644
17 John Dunn 145,000
18 Karine Girod 140,219
19 Pieter Goes 139,520
20 Jean Curran 125,100
21 Steven Rimmer 120,000
22 joseph coda 118,309
23 Jim Moldenhauer 116,042
24 Mike Schnell 111,998
25 Edward Jackson 104,500
26 Andrew Hewitt 103,801
27 Karen Venables 90,148
28 Joe Donar 86,490
29 Kevin Ford 79,081
30 John Betts 75,420
31 Simon Coleman 75,331
32 Chris Venables 63,000
33 Duncan Murray 61,223
34 June Weintraub 42,743
35 Peter Clarke 34,000
36 Matthew Smith 33,750
37 Wayne Blaine 23,000
38 Yee-Ann Cho 18,239
39 Chris Gore 15,000
40 Andreas Englert 8,000
41 Bryon Rankin 6,800
42 Richard Gatward 2,000

Have a wonderfully relaxing Sunday everybody - you all deserve a rest.

Day 31 = 45 team mates = 12/307 teams = 6,291,411 metres = top 4%

Good Luck for Grimsby IRC

Mark and Ric are making their way to Grimsby this morning to compete in the 100m, 300m and the Mile (1,609 metres) races.
We all send our good thoughts to you both for a fantastic performance today. You have both been training hard for this event so all the best boys; Empty the Tanks!

Friday, 14 October 2011

FTC11 Day 30

It's nearly over. Six million metres into the competition and a pretty fantastic top 4% position in the 2011 Fall Rowing Challenge.
Only one more day of erging and we can all chill out on Sunday.

Come on ETT'ers its time to do what it say's on the tin - Empty the Tanks!

Day 30 = 45 team mates = 12/307 teams = 6,004,745 metres = top 4%

Thursday, 13 October 2011

FTC11 Day 29

Excellent work folks - we have clocked up nearly 5,800,000 metres in four weeks. With only two more rowing days left to make a difference we need to make every metre count!

Day 29 = 45 team mates = 12/307 teams = 5,794,755 metres = top 4%

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

FTC Day 28

After four weeks of indoor rowing there are only three more days of sliding back and forth on the C2 pushing with the thighs and giving it all you've got.

Day 28 = 45 team mates = 12/307 teams = 5,668,395 metres = top 4%

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

FTC11 Day 27

Only four more days left on the erg folks - are you looking forward to some quality time on the sofa or with family and friends? (notice the order there - rest before fun)
We have held fast to our twelfth place position for a number of days now - fingers crossed we stay here or move up into the top ten!?

Day 27 = 45 team mates = 12/307 teams = 5,475,343 metres = top 4%

Monday, 10 October 2011

Boat two floated in October CTC

David J, Matt S and Chris V have rowed the 500 metres CTC which means a few alterations in the boat positions and boat two floated in the points rankings. Nice work people!

15 pts
Empty the Tanks I 1:37.1
Mark Bower (H) 1:25.2
Richard Young (H) 1:28.7
Joe Donar (H) 1:29.3
Chris Venables (L) 1:41.9
Caroline Joynson (F) 2:00.4

8 pts
Empty the Tanks II 1:42.0
Matthew Smith (H) 1:33.7
David Junta (H) 1:35.1
John Giles (H) 1:36.6
Chris Benson (L) 1:42.9
Becky Walker (F) 2:02.0

34Empty the Tanks III 1:41.6
Ian Clegg (H) 1:39.6
edward jackson (H) 1:43.7

FTC Day 26

Most team mates have been putting in the time on the erg over the past few weeks to maintain our twelfth place position. A growing number of members have achieved the target of 100k so they can sport the rather stylish ETT t-shirts (the design will be a surprise).

Day 26 = 45 team mates = 12/307 teams = 5,208,574 metres = top 4%

Sunday, 9 October 2011

FTC11 Day 25

After 600 hours of the Fall Team Challenge we have accumulated over five million metres with 45 team mates (well 41 because four team mates haven't contributed any metres yet). Nice work everybody - we are doing very well indeed.

Only 144 more hours of the competition left..... we can do it!

Day 25 = 45 team mates = 12/307 teams = 5,072,635 metres = top 4%

Eat more complex carbohydrates, drink some coffee / energy drink and blast out your favourite tunes to motivate yourself in the final stretch of the FTC11.


Five team mates have already paid the £20 registration fee, signed up for the after party and got their training program ready to go for the 25th March 2012.
Mark, Ric, Chris V, Del and Caroline are raring to go.... who is going to join us in Nottingham for the British and European Indoor Rowing Championships?

October CTC

We are only one lightweight rower away from getting two boats floated in the points rankings.
The following team mates have rowed 500 metres for the challenge set by the Forum Flyers:

15 pts
Empty the Tanks I 1:37.3
Mark Bower (H) 1:25.2
Richard Young (H) 1:28.7
Joe Donar (H) 1:29.3
Chris Benson (L) 1:42.9
Caroline Joynson (F) 2:00.4

33Empty the Tanks II 1:45.4
John Giles (H) 1:36.6
Ian Clegg (H) 1:39.6
edward jackson (H) 1:43.7
Becky Walker (F) 2:02.0

Saturday, 8 October 2011

FTC11 Day 24

This week we keep yo-yo-ing between 11th and 12th position. We slipped down to 12th place this morning, but have just shot back up to 11th again!
After 24 days erging we have reached an impressive total of 4,885,735 metres - that's an average of over 200,000 metres a day from 45 team mates.
There has been some amazing feats of endurance from loads of team mates over the past three weeks and nearly half the team are now in the exclusive 100k t-shirt club. Keep rowing hard - there's only seven days left of the competition and we need to stay hold of eleventh place (or erg up to tenth).

Day 24 = 45 team mates = 11/306 = 4,885,735 metres = top 4%

Friday, 7 October 2011

FTC11 Day 23

Still in eleventh position in the FTC11, but by only 10,000 metres! Keep rowing hard team mates because we don't want UK Rowers to sneak past us again.
I was the first person in the Swedish gym this morning so had the choice of all the C2's. I had rowed over 6k before I saw another person in the gym. I worked up a decent appetite for my hearty breakfast of Swedish meatballs, sausages, eggs and salad. Very good stuff.

Day 23 - 45 team mates - 11/306 teams - 4,280,493 metres - top 4%

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Location:Putney, London

Thursday, 6 October 2011

FTC11 Day 22

Day 22 and we have rowed our way up to 11th place. Excellent work everybody.
I am blogging from my hotel room in Sweden which is really nice. I was very concerned about not being able to get access to an erg on this trip especially because as team captain I feel the need to contribute metres every day of the challenge. Luckily the hotel is affiliated with a Swedish gym chain called SATS and they had about 6 different PM2's to choose from - so I managed to put in a 10k row this evening.

Day 22 - 45 team mates - 11/306 teams - 4,492,950 metres - top 4%

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Location:Norrkoping, Sweden

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

FTC11 Day 21

Hello team mates. hope you are all staying fit and healthy during the Fall Team Challenge. Don't forget you are not alone erging away on your C2 there are 45 of us sweating and suffering for the glory of a top 12 position in this years competition.

As always keep up the great work people. Row strong.

Day 21 = 45 team mates = 12/305 teams = 4,278,844 metres = top 4%

I may not be able to update the blog tomorrow because I am on a school trip in Sweden until Friday. I know there is a gym in the hotel, let's hope there is a C2 in it!

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Location:Heathrow airport

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

FTC11 Day 20

Nearly three weeks into the competition and we have accumulated over four million metres.
We are still residing in 12th place out of 305 teams which is pretty good going for twenty continuous days of erging.
17 team mates have joined the 100k t-shirt club - who else will join them tomorrow?

Day 20 = 45 team mates = 12/305 = 4, 165,984 metres = top 4%

Monday, 3 October 2011

FTC11 Day 19

Great news. We have moved up one place in the team affiliation standings - this is the competition that runs for the whole season. We have moved from 12th to 13th place out of 1193 world-wide teams.Back to the FTC11. We have unfortunately slipped back into 12th place and are about 90,000 metres away from UK Rowers who are in 11th place. We are still performing well and as a team we are rowing between 150k - 200k each day.

We now have 16 members of the 100k t-shirt club with a couple more team mates in the nearly there club.

Day 19 = 45 team mates = 12/305 teams = 3,917,995 metres = top 4%

Sunday, 2 October 2011

FTC11 Day 18

Good news! Yesterday evening we moved up into 11th position which is fantastic. For the first time in the teams history of competing in team challenges we have a female rower in pole position. Big congratulations goes out to Karri who is the first to reach the impressive 300k mark. Well done.

Day 18 = 45 team mates = 11/305 teams = 3,752,535 metres = top 3%

As we move into the second half of the competition - keep your eye on a top ten slot and keep churning out the metres folks.

Row strong Empty the Tank'ers.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

FTC11 Day 17

Temperature records were broken today in London and across the UK as it has been hotter than Barcelona, Athens and Los Angeles at 29.9 degrees Celsius.

Its a shame we haven't beaten our own record of getting back into the top ten, although we are still in the top 4% of indoor rowing teams in the world!

Day 17 = 45 team mates = 12/305 teams = 3,612,203 metres = top 4%

As I am blogging I have just noticed we are only 1,400 metres behind UK Rowers - anybody up for an extra row today to try to sneak ahead?

The good news is we are still in second place when you narrow the field to virtual teams with 21-50 members.

Keep rowing team - only 14 more days left!

October CTC and Challenge Series

Its a new month and there are two more individual challenges to tackle:

The October Cross Team Challenge has been set by the Forum Flyers and its a short sharp 500 metres from a standing start.

The second event for the Challenge Series is One Mile (1,609 metres).

To get the best results make sure you warm up adequately before attempting these short distances.
Good luck everybody.

Friday, 30 September 2011

FTC11 Day 16

At the half way point of the FTC we are in 12th position. Its going to take a heroic team effort to shift UK Rowers in 11th and Ancients in 10th off their spots so we can claim a top ten place.

Day 16 = 45 team mates = 12/303 teams = 3,338,465 metres = top 4%

Here are the individual statistics:
  • Bill and Karri are the King and Queen of the team and have rowed over 200k
  • Andy S, Darren and David J have rowed over 150k
  • The rest of the 100k club are; Hector, Eddie, John F, Del, Mark, Ric, Pieter and Ian
  • The nearly 100k club are; Phil, Caroline, John G, John D and Steven
  • 50k and more from Andy H, Joe D, David B, Jean, Mike, Edward and Joe
  • 20k and more from Karine, John B, Kevin, Simon, Duncan, Karen, Peter and Chris
  • 2k upwards from Jim, Chris G, Matt, Wayne, June, Yee-Ann, Byron and Richard

Thursday, 29 September 2011

September CTC and Challenge Series

There's only a few days left to contribute to the September Cross Team Challenge and the individual Challenge Series 2012.

September CTC
30 minutes with 5 minutes rest

Challenge Series 2012 - September Event
4 minute O'Neill test

FTC11 Day 15

Oooops we have slipped down into 12th place.

Today we have been overtaken by two teams; SBT 22 a military team with over 200 members and those pesky UK Rowers with 62 members. If we worked hard we could sneak up to 11th place and put the UK Rowers back into 12th position - there's only 108,000 metres at stake.

Day 15 = 45 team mates = 12/296 teams = 3,150,422 metres = top 4%

Maybe it was the unseasonably warm weather that put us off today because we are 50k short of our usual average metres contributions - that would certainly help get us back up the rankings.

Did anybody forget to upload - or not get a chance?

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

FTC11 Day 14

Two weeks into the competition and we have rowed an impressive 3 million metres between us! The lions share of the metres can be contributed to the top ten or as I like to refer to them as the T-shirt ten: Bill, Karri, Darren, Andy S, Hector, David, Eddie, Del, John F and Mark.

I have been very impressed by the commitment of the team over the past fourteen days. It is very encouraging that nearing the halfway point of the competition over half the team have contributed 50,000 metres and more. If we continue with this pace for the next two and a bit weeks we will have rowed over 6 million metres and hopefully keep in the top ten too.

Day 14 = 45 team mates = 10/292 teams = 3,002,972 metres = top 3%

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

FTC11 Day 13

We are still the tenth team out of 289 teams and have rowed 2,855,793 metres in just short of two weeks.

Day 13 = 45 team mates = 10/289 teams = 2,855,793 metres = top 3%

Bill and Karri are members of the exclusive 200k club.
The following team mates have joined the 100k club (and the nearly 100k club):

1 Bill St.Louis M246,907
2 Karri Tuyls F209,934
3 Darren Whetton M181,017
4 Andy Soyring M175,623
5 hector m guerrero villa M145,478
6 David Junta M129,950
7 Eddie Ventress M123,706
8 Derek Kyme M121,000
9 John Fewtrell M100,000
10 Mark Bower M97,937
11 Ian Clegg M96,553
12 Pieter Goes M92,041
13 Richard Young M91,862

Monday, 26 September 2011

BIRC 2012 registration now open

If you follow this link to sign up for the British Indoor Rowing Championships on Sunday 25th March 2012 in Nottingham.

The first 150 people who sign up get a C2 mug - but I think that they might have already gone!


Talking of competitions Mark and Ric will be competing at Grimsby IRC on the 15th October so we need to wish them luck - Hope both of you have a brilliant row!

Are there any more Empty the Tanks team mates going to Grimsby?

FTC11 Day 12

We have dropped to 10th place out of 285 but we are still in the top 3% of world-wide teams. Not bad going folks.

We need to keep an eye on the UK rowers who are in 11th place who are only 130,000 metres behind us. Let's see if we can topple TimbukTWO off their 9th place position by churning out an extra 180k between us this week (that would be an extra 7k each). It is definitely possible....

Keep up the great work team we are fast approaching the half-way point of the competition and we are doing well.

Day 12 = 45 team mates = 10/285 teams = 2,614,257 metres = top 3%

Sunday, 25 September 2011

FTC11 Day 11

Yahooo we have rowed our way back up to 9th place out of 279 teams. We have had a fantastic first week in the competition and it looks like week two is shaping up to be even better.

18 team mates have rowed over 50,000 metres or more for the Fall Team Challenge.
  • Bill has reached a fantastic 200k in eleven days. Good going Bill
  • Darren has pulled in over 180k
  • Karri is the highest ranking female team mate
Day 11 = 45 team mates = 9/279 teams = 2,372,250 metres = top 3%

Saturday, 24 September 2011

FTC11 Day 10

On day ten during last year's FTC we were in 9th place and had rowed over two and a half million metres with 42 members. And for those members who competed in the FTC last year you will know we went on to claim 8th place in the final standings.

In comparison, on day ten this year we are in 10th place and have rowed 2,223,067 metres with 45 team mates. We had our best day since the start of the competition and have collectively rowed over 325k since yesterday! Keep up the great work ETT'ers.

Day 10 = 45 team mates = 10/275 teams = 2,223,067 metres = top 4%

Members in the 100k club are (a couple are close to the 200k club):

1 Darren Whetton 181,017
2 Karri Tuyls 153,211
3 hector m guerrero villa 145,478
4 Bill St.Louis 141,421
5 Andy Soyring 140,329
6 Derek Kyme 105,000

Three boats floated in the Sept CTC

A big thanks goes out to new team mate Dave B who has got Boat three into the points rankings for the September Cross Team Challenge. Nice one Dave, those metres will count towards your Million Metres challenge too (and the Fall Team Challenge).

Here are the individual standings:

22 pts
Empty the Tanks I 7979.8m
Mark Bower (H) 8659m
Eddie Ventress (H) 8622m
Richard Young (H) 8516m
Mick LeTourneaux (L) 7644m
Yee-Ann Cho (F) 6458m

10 pts
Empty the Tanks II 7547m
David Junta (H) 8052m
John Giles (H) 8021m
Ian Clegg (H) 7725m
Chris Venables (L) 7523m
Becky Walker (F) 6414m

6 pts
Empty the Tanks III 7188m
Andy Soyring (H) 7684m
edward jackson (H) 7557m
David Bass (H) 7068m
Chris Benson (L) 7271
Caroline Joynson (F) 6360m

Friday, 23 September 2011

FTC11 Day 9

We are holding on to a top ten slot for the ninth day in a row and have collectively rowed an average of 200k each day.

We are still second place in the 21-50 virtual team category with the Ancients team in first place. Although the Ancients have half the amount of team mates they have rowed twice as many metres as us. It seems the average age of the Ancients team is 67, so I am guessing they may have extra time on their hands for rowing during the day whilst the majority of ETT'ers are at work.

Day 9 = 45 team mates = 10/275 teams = 1,897,072 metres = top 4%

Have fun this weekend (when you're not stuck to the erg).

I have been enjoying watching The Great British Bake off during rowing sessions recently, but I always end up feeling very hungry at the end of my session...

Does anybody else watch TV / DVD's during work-outs?
What is a good motivational program or film?

Thursday, 22 September 2011

FTC11 Day 8 and new team mate

We have been joined by a new team mate called David B, 44 from the UK who has rowed 13k for the team.
Although we have dropped down the rankings - we are still in the top ten out of 274 world-wide teams.
Battles are breaking out for the top spot in the team between Bill and Darren who seem to be taking turns for pole position.
Karri is the first female team mate to get to 100k and she is in third place in the team rankings. Nice work Karri.

Day 8 = 45 team mates = 10/274 teams = 1,690,361 metres = top 4%

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

FTC11 Day 7

We have slipped back to 9th place today but I am confident that we can sneak back up to 8th position by the weekend. Keep on rowing strong folks as we are still in the top 3% of virtual rowing teams in the world!

Day 7 = 44 team mates = 9/269 teams = 1,523,631 metres = top 3%

Happy Birthday to Chris V today!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

FTC11 Day 6

With nearly a week's rowing under our belts we can feel very proud of the fact we have worked our way back into 8th position today. We need to keep an eye on TimbukTWO in 9th place who are only 25k behind us.
I have been very impressed with the participation levels in the FTC this year and I noticed that 2 more team mates have signed up today! Keep up the great work ETT'ers.

Day 6 = 44 team mates = 8/259 teams = 1,227,007 metres = Top 3%

Monday, 19 September 2011

FTC11 Day 5

A-harrr me hearty's! Its National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

I think we must have channeled some ancient pirate sea-faring energy because as a team we have hit 1 million metres in only five days.

Bill and Darren are the most dedicated (and hard-core) team mates this week because they have each contributed over 100k to the FTC11 in less than a week!

Three more team mates have signed up for the challenge which still keeps us in the 21-50 team members group in the C2 team rankings. We are currently the 2nd place team in this category.

Day 5 = 42 team mates = 9/250 teams = 1,105,370 metres = top 4%

Sunday, 18 September 2011

FTC11 Day 4

Wahoooo we have jumped up to 8th position today which is fantastic. This places Empty the Tanks in the top 3.5% (lets round that number up to 3%).
Brilliant work people.

Day 4 = 39 team mates = 8/225 teams = 847,558 metres = top 3%

Notable individual contributions come from:
  • Bill has entered over 85k and is the team leader today - well done!
  • Darren has pulled in 17k each day in the first few days
  • John F has rowed 15k each day so far
  • Karri is the top performing female in the team with over 50k
  • Ian has almost rowed a half marathon today to pull himself up into the top 5
  • Hector uploaded 25k yesterday - did you row that distance in one go? Great stuff!
  • Mark managed to put in 15k today after rowing on water with Newark Rowing Club in the morning - that's dedication!
  • Joe D has burned some energy with an 18k row since yesterday
A big thank you to all team mates for your contributions. Every metre counts. Let's keep 8th position for another day then surge for 7th place next week.

Congratulations to Del and his Bristol Dragon Boat crew who claimed 2nd place in the Great River Race on the Thames yesterday. 21 miles of challenging waters with a head-wind and rain to contend with, not to mention the 330 other boats on the river too. Excellent work Del!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

FTC11 Day 3

We rose up to 8th place this afternoon again and then slipped back down to 9th place (again) this evening. Not to worry we have 28 days left to work our way back up to that elusive 8th (or even 7th) spot and stay there.

Day 3 = 39 team mates = 9/220 teams = 666,381 metres = top 4%

The top ten team mates have each contributed over 24k in the last three days. As a team we have been averaging a total of 200k a day - keep up the great work folks and we will secure our top ten position for the rest of week one.

1 Darren Whetton 72,223
2 Bill St.Louis 64,125
3 Andy Soyring 49,541
4 John Fewtrell 45,000
5 Karri Tuyls 40,835
6 Eddie Ventress 32,028
7 Ian Clegg 30,022
8 David Junta 28,001
9 Hector m Guerrero villa 25,037
10 Pieter Goes 24,622

The Great River Race

Phil V and I went to see the Great River Race in London today to cheer along Del and his crew of Dragon-boaters from Bristol. We weren't quite sure which boat he was in but I think his team wear blue and white, so we shouted encouragement to any of the boats that fitted that description (it turned out that LOADS of boats did). It may or may not be Del in the photo above!?

We were only at the river side a couple of minutes before a huge grey cloud loomed over the horizon and we spent the rest of the afternoon very wet indeed. Despite the poor weather we walked along the Thames from Putney Bridge to Battersea Bridge and back again and enjoyed watching the various boats speeding past.

Well done to Del and his crew for rowing the 21 miles of the course. It's a shame your on-water metres don't count towards the Fall Team Challenge because you would bump the team up a couple of places with that row today.
Have a drink on ETT tonight Del, you've earned it.

Friday, 16 September 2011

FTC11 Day 2

39 ETT'ers have signed up for the FTC11 and 26 have entered metres towards the team totals. After a fantastic start yesterday we jumped up to 8th position for half a day and have just slipped back into 9th again this evening. Don't panic its still a top ten slot!

Day 2 = 39 team mates = 9/197 teams = 414,858 metres = top 4%

We have had some impressive feats of endurance after only two days of competition from Bill, Darren, John F, Andy S and Eddie who have rowed over 25k already - with Bill and Darren clocking up between 50k and 40k respectively.
Well done to everybody who has contributed to our top ten position.

For those erg / rowing fanatics out there who are in London this weekend you can get a chance to meet our very own Del who is with his Dragon Boat crew rowing 21 miles from Greenwich to Richmond as part of The Great River Race. Hopefully we will catch Del tomorrow whilst he storms to the front of the race.

I have created a quick link to the FTC11 team standings at the right of my blog in the competitions list.