Sunday, 21 November 2010

Empty the Tanks at the BIRC

Del, Mark, Chris, Karen, Dave and myself all got up early and travelled to the centre of Birmingham to take part in the world's largest indoor rowing event - The British Indoor Rowing Championships. It was great to see everybody at the National Indoor Arena.

Del was the first team mate to attack the 2k in the heavyweight 45-49 at 10:15, he managed a decent 2k with 06:47.2, coming 17th out of 63.

Then Chris and Dave raced in the 40-44 lightweight at 10:30. Chris pulled in an impressive sub 7 row (particularly after recovering from a painful leg injury only 3 weeks ago) with 06:57.0 and he came 10th out of 16. Unfortunately, Dave had to give up with only 280 metres to go. Better luck next year Dave.

Karen (08:46.5) and Caroline (08:46.6) raced in the lightweight 35-39 at 11:15 and came second to last and last respectively out of 6 rowers. The good news was that I pulled in a personal best time taking 3 seconds off last years time.

Mark also rowed at 11:15 in the heavyweight 30-34 category and also pulled in a personal best time of 06:33.4. He came 9th out of 20. Great stuff Mark.

We wanted a team photo of all competitors, but we couldn't find Dave after his race - sorry Dave. Members from left to right are: Del, Mark, Chris, Caroline and Karen.


  1. Great day out, smashing my PB by 2.5s was worth the journey alone! Now for sub 6:30!

  2. It was a great day and I thought we all put in excellent performances.
    My friend Bob also really enjoyed it and was already talking about next year on the way home.
    We stayed and watched Debbie Flood and Graham Benton (5.50!!!) win their races.
    It was great to see you all again.
    Keep on with all your hard training.

  3. Pete Marston (of the "Pete Plan") has a video on his blog of him rowing, which also includes Caroline and Karen in the background!

  4. Well done team. I had considered entering but then my better half decided we were taking a holiday. Maybe next year. It looks like fun. I'll probably be missing the first few days of the VTC in January for the same reason but will pick up as soon as I can.

  5. Hey Mark,

    Thanks for that link. I have just watched Pete's video with Karen and myself in the background very funny!