Friday, 26 November 2010


Next month's Cross Team Challenge set by the Rote87 team is a weird one:

The Rote87's 10 * 300 meters Penalty Challenge

Row 10 * 300 meters with 2 minutes rest. Each round must be at least 10 average watts better (faster) than the previous.
Each time the rower fails to meet the +10 watts requirement, 2.5 penalty seconds shall be added when summing the total time.
Your result is the time you used for rowing your ten 300 meters plus penalty seconds, if any.

e.g. 420.0 W, 430.0, 350.2 (fail), 360.3, 370.9, 360.4(fail), 371.0, 400.5, 410.0(fail), 460.0 will add three penalties, i.e. 3 * 2.5 seconds to the total time.
Rest can be active or passive.

Good luck with this one folks?!

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  1. I saw some disparaging comments about this on the forum, and I'm inclined to agree with them. This seems like it's trying to be too clever, I doubt I'll get round to it. You never know though, I might get tempted.