Thursday, 14 October 2010

FTC Day 30

7,510,235 metres into the challenge and one more day to make a difference.
Can we make it to 7th position?
Keep on rowing team - we are nearly there now.


  1. ok I done. Just finished my last 10k (a 37.51 so pleased with this). Well done to all. Thanks to Caroline for organising and the motivation.

  2. Yep, that's me done also. I did my final 20k today. I'm looking forward to getting up on Saturday morning and not rowing.
    Many thanks to Caroline for keeping us all going and all the comments on this forum.

  3. I am now done, final 1hour logged and managed to get over 200k which I am pleased with given that I could not row during week 1. I think I need to buy a seat pad for future challenges....Well done everyone!

  4. I'm done too. Ran a bit late this morning so only 30 mins, sorry. Had hoped to reach my first 1m life time metres during the challenge but due to work and family commitments only managed to row on 18 days so still 80+k short but pleased to post over 200k. Thanks for all the encouragement Caroline. Off to the Nottingham Beer Festival this evening. I know, I could do a few more metres but...

  5. Did my final row this morning before coming into to work. 18,000 plus meters to hit my goal of over 200,000 for the challenge. I had hoped to do more but missed all of last week. Again thanks to Caroline for the encouragement and motivation to keep going. Now my wife and I get to enjoy having our 4 month old grandson this eventing.

  6. Starting with the theme from Crazy Heart and finishing with an old REM track, I'm done too! Thanks Caroline for all your encouragement, I was determined to break the 200k barrier, my final 10k being my best time since late August. My wife and I are now off to Cornwall for a half-term rest.

  7. I'm done too, did a 1/2M this morning & my legs are toast! Thanks Caroline for encouraging us all to keep the flywheel spinning. I'm looking forward to doing some biking & swimming for a month or so. Looking forward to some good Chicago deep dish pizza & a nap tomorrow afternoon... Catch you all in the Jan erg; these are fun to do.


  8. OK, that's it for me. I tried to make up some of the meters I lost early in the week. For Wednesday, Thursday and today, I did 28K, 32K and 28K. Today I had to do about 22K to hit 525,000. Even with breaks, I ran out of energy at about 20,000, but then in a Del-like move I got back on the rower late today and put in 8K more to get me to 530,000 (well beyond my original projection).

    I set a number of personal bests for meters rowed during the challenge. Thanks to Caroline for giving us all encouragement and for a place to comment and encourage each other. Thanks to Del for pushing me (and rowing by). That definitely motivated me.

    Congratulations to the team for staking out a top ten position. Hopefully, there aren't enough un-downloaded meters from the 9th or 10th place teams to unseat us.

  9. Dan, those distances over the last few days are awesome! Well done, mate that's an excellent achievement. It's been fun and you've always motivated me to row those extra few metres everyday.
    Thanks to everyone who has put in the hard work, we thoroughly deserve to be a top-10 team.
    Really sorry about Mark's woes, I know he'll be back raring to go for the next challenge.